The tone of the letter did not object. durotan stared at the letter for a while and sighed deeply. He handed the letter to his partner, Dellacqua, who quickly read the letter and growled discontentedly in his throat.

Leave this thing at your feet like this. Naizu is such a coward. She has a low voice and is waiting for the letter. It’s him, not you, who hears Delaney.
I swore to obey his instructions, and durotan also said that Nai ‘ozu was the spokesman of the ancestors’ souls.
Dellacqua happened to be thinking about a beam of sunshine leaking in from a certain line of the tent and shining on her face. Her strong jaw and high cheekbones were reflected more and more brightly. durotan looked at her lover and unconsciously forgot to breathe. He came to him defenseless, and his people were in chaos and madness. He was deeply grateful that she was around and his sharp fingertips touched her cheek. She smiled a little.
My partner, I don’t know if I believe Nero Zu. She almost whispered.
He nodded, but we all believed in Draktar, and everything he said about Naiozu was true. The Delaney people were planning to destroy us. Naiozu said in his letter that Villen was determined to enter Washugu.
The frost wolf clan leader’s eyes returned to the letter. It’s gratifying that Shao Naizu didn’t let me kill Willem on the spot. Maybe once we control him, we can say that he gave up his evil plan and let him explain why they are so obsessed with hurting us. Maybe we can talk.
He suddenly realized that this idea gripped his heart. It was so wonderful to spend time with him in Dellacqua. He was so proud of his clan, but he could simply live in the wild like his father, hunt in the Woods, dance in the moonlight on the Koshag Festival and listen to the old stories in the loving warmth of his ancestors. How wonderful it would be if he didn’t tell Dellacqua that he had been pregnant and was secretly glad that children’s lives were not easy in this era. They were deprived of their childhood, and they were not broad enough to carry the burden of adults, Della. Dulong Tan will not hesitate to let his son or daughter be trained like a child. He will never ask other parents to do things that his father does not want to do. Fortunately, he has not faced such a situation yet, which is finally a happy thing for him.
Dellacqua narrowed his eyes and looked at him sharply as if he had seen through his thoughts.
You once met Waylon. She said that when the news came that they were trying to destroy us, you tried to re-examine the meeting in your mind. I saw it all. I know it was not easy for you.
It’s not easy now, he replied. Maybe that’s why they sent me to finish this. I’m sure Waylon remembers that night. He may be willing to talk to me, but he may not be willing to talk to Naizu. If only I could see his letter.
Dellacqua got up with a sigh, so we wouldn’t be so confused as we are now.
Durotan also sighed and got up. I went to tell the letter to reassure his master that I would not shirk my responsibility.
As he walked, he felt her worried eyes followed him all the way.
Willem put the purple crystal close to his chest, and the red and yellow crystals were placed on his sides. He sat quietly on the floor and meditated. The light of the crystal was softly cast on his snow-white skin. The other four crystals were placed in Delaney territory today, and their respective powers were in the purple of other people. He never left.
This crystal power can help him open his mind and sometimes make him feel that he is talking directly in Nalu. Whenever Willem meditates with a purple crystal, he always feels stronger and purer. His soul is baptized. All seven crystals are precious and stronger, but the purple one is his most precious.
He tried his best to hear Kewulei’s soft voice, but he failed. Willem bowed his head in pain.
When it was noisy, Willem opened his eyes and saw a disciple in Resterland talking about Willem waving him over.
What’s the news? Old friend Waylon asked and pointed to a pot of hot tea.
Lesterland waved that there was no need for good news or bad news. The prophet said, I’m sorry that the letter you sent to the shaman leader Ner ‘ozu was killed by a group of orcs.
Veyron closed his eyes and clung to his body. Amethyst became warm for a while as if to comfort him.
I feel his death, said Whelan heavily, but I wish it was an accident. Are you sure he was killed on purpose?
That’s what Nerazu said, and he didn’t apologize. Lesterland’s voice was full of anger and indignation. He knelt beside Whelan’s red crystal, and Whelan’s dark blue eyes looked at it, and the crystal pulsated with Lesterland’s emotions.
It seems that you, then, they won’t attack, and the unarmed theory won’t break. Lestland continued bitterly
I hope so much that Whelan will talk quietly, but what you just said is good news.
It’s hard to call Lesterland’s face disgusting. Nerazu said he would send an orc representative to meet us at the foot of the mountain.
He didn’t come personally.
Lesterland lowered his eyes and shook his head. He wouldn’t come to the prophet, he said softly
Who did he send?
Did the letter say anything?
Give me a snow-white grenade from Willem. Strang put the parchment in his palm, and he unfolded the paper roll quickly.
Your letter is dead. You should be grateful for killing him. People haven’t forgotten to search the body. I read the letter. I agree to send a representative to talk to you, but I don’t promise that I can’t guarantee your personal safety. I don’t promise that you can reach an agreement. I reiterate that I don’t promise, but we will listen to what you have to say.
Willem sighed, and his heart longed for a reply. It was too far away. What happened to the orcs? What happened to them suddenly? They were so obsessed with harming the Delaney people that they never laid a finger on them.
I can’t guarantee that Nero Zu’s strong handwritten words will be played back in front of Willem.
Well, Willem said softly, then we can’t be guaranteed. He smiled at Lestrange. It’s like life.
It’s really not the right time for durotan to think about the bright summer morning light, which makes his eyes narrow. He is depressed and sad in his heart. This weather is special for him. It should be cold and drizzling at this time, and there should be less clouds. But God doesn’t take care of an orc’s heavy heart and doesn’t care about the fate of their race. The sun is still shining fast as if it shines on the local area, while the crystal-like polygonal surface of Woshugu reflects light so strongly. In this sunshine, it looks like a fire.
Durotan chose a strong position from which he arranged the soldiers. He could clearly see the Veyron team before Delaney found the orcs. He decided to wait for Delaney to come to him. He cleverly arranged to ensure that once the Delaney entered their encirclement, they could escape here. Every execution orc in Rong Yaori was armed with a shaman, and everything was ready for the soldiers.
Dellacqua, who has a keen eye and excellent combat skills, is the best scout for him. He places her among the first-line soldiers. As soon as Willem appears, she will inform her partner through a spell of Draktar.
The Drake Tar is the chief shaman of the clan beside Dulong Tan. His duty is to protect the clan leader. Two orcs are shining on a sudden rock just at the entrance of the holy mountain. Dozens of soldiers with archers and axes in front of them are silently waiting for other soldiers. It has taken several days to arrange boulders. If durotan gives an order, it will lead to tons of boulders dumping and crush the Delaney people.
Well, in fact, on this sunny day, death threats are everywhere on this beautiful mountain.
The breeze blows Dulong Tan’s black hair and a bird sings quickly. Drake Tal looks at the heads of the fathers’ eyes with a trace of worry.
Chief, you are following orders. Draktar seriously said that the Delaney are our enemies.