Lian Fangzhou naturally said yes

Li Fu added, "I still want to bring my sister-in-law and nephew from my hometown when the time comes. My nephew is only thirteen. My brother is only orphaned and widowed. I don’t feel at ease at this point!"
It also reassured Lian Fangzhou that "Sister-in-law is a person with excellent temperament and never bothers! My nephew is also a sensible person. "
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "Don’t worry, since you are your brother and blood relatives, I will arrange it properly! But you said they went back to their hometown? Who did you hear from? Chapter 67 Missing sister-in-law and nephew
Li Fu couldn’t help wondering, "Who said that?"
Just a thoughtfully service road "after I returned to Beijing this time, my second aunt told me that I disappeared two years ago, and my sister-in-law bluntly regretted my parents and brother’s insistence on bringing my nephew back to China-"
A sudden cold in Li Fu’s eyes has already detected something wrong.
Even Fang Zhou listened to his tone and guessed a few minutes of service road. "There is one thing I told you. I can protect Zhou Lisi and Wang Wu when they are by my side. I sent them out to live the next day! By the way, I went to see your old house. According to the two of them, I saw this house in the vicinity. Zhou also appeared there. It seems that I asked people what it was like. After Zhou left, they also asked before and learned that Zhou asked if a pair of mothers had seen a woman in the vicinity. She was 12 or 13 years old there … "
Li Fu breathing a coarse bitten to grind.
My brother is more than ten years older than him, and my sister-in-law is in her mid-thirties. My nephew is thirteen years old this year!
Zhou is the housekeeper Zhou and Mammy Zhou are confidants of the same aunt. He won’t be there for no reason, and he won’t ask about her nephew.
It turns out that they didn’t go home!
Li Fu was angry and anxious, and his mind was in a mess.
He closed his eyes for a while and gradually sorted out his thoughts.
I think it was two years ago that I disappeared. How can an aunt want to be alive? How can they take care of their sister-in-law and nephew now that they are dead?
Sister-in-law and nephew mostly told them to go out.
It would be kind of them if they were willing to travel to their hometown! Li fu sneers
But they didn’t think they were back! Also asked about sister-in-law nephew.
They might as well take this to perfunctory and think about secretly finding their sister-in-law nephew-
"It’s outrageous!" Li Fu has a great hatred in his heart.
Even Fang Zhou gently caressed his chest. "Don’t be too sad! They dare not look for someone in a big way and dare to sneak around! It’s not easy to find two people in such a big city. Let’s find them first! "
After a pause, he added, "I think my sister-in-law and nephew will try to contact you when they know that you are back!"
Li Fu’s heart was chaotic, angry and anxious. Although he couldn’t settle down after listening to Fangzhou’s words, "I will send someone to find them carefully!"
Even Fang Zhou nodded "well" and judo "It’s just that you can’t hurry now if you get a charter! God knows, since you have returned safely, they will always be reunited! "
Li Fu sighed and hugged Fang Zhou. "Thank you!"
Lian Fangzhou "snow" chuckled judo "thank me for what? You and I have to say this! "
Li Fu also smiled in the heart loose fast some way, "you’re right at this time is urgent and urgent not to have a good search! It’s getting late, let’s sleep! "
Even Fang Zhou was a little tired and promised to sleep in his arms from time to time to breathe soundly and evenly
She really didn’t have a good sleep these days.
How can you sleep in an environment surrounded by wolves?
The second day early in the morning they got up.
Although Li Fu’s mood has calmed down a lot, he is still angry with the two uncles and aunts, even Fangzhou said, "Let’s go out when we are ready! Ignore them! "
Even Fang Zhou didn’t know that Li Fu had regained his memory. He was also a rude and unreasonable person or didn’t care about other people’s eyes.
She laughed and said, "I will give them a good name in vain, but we don’t know the ceremony." Since I live in their house, I have to look like one! Let’s go to your second aunt’s place to pay our respects and then go out! "
Li Fu thought about it and nodded with a smile. "That’s all! I will endure these two days! "
See even fangzhou still brought clothes from Yu county and laughed. "Don’t you like those clothes in the closet?" Why are you still wearing this! "
Even Fang Zhou said with a pie mouth, "I don’t want to take advantage of her family and feel uncomfortable wearing it. It’s better not to wear it!"
Li Fu one leng knew that she wanted to be left unconsciously pulling her to say with smile, "Where did you want to go? I told you to cut and sew with them! I specially asked someone to pick up the elegant color and simple and generous style to see if you like it! "
This time, even Fangzhou was shocked, and suddenly he was happy again. Clap your hands and say with smile, "You didn’t say so earlier! I looked at it the day I came, and I liked it very much! I’m still surprised. I also said that since I was treated like that, how could I buy clothes that suit my heart! When they are trying to please you! It turned out that you asked someone to do it! "
Since it is the husband’s heart, of course, we can’t live up to it.