Jiang Rufei stopped and was held hands by Luoyang, and his backhand was buckled.

Luoyang looked up at him with a simple eye.
Jiang Rufei awkward and took Luo Yang towards the living room.
The girl beside Jiang Zhao had a splash in her eyes and her nose was sour.
"Why are you so excited to see Big Brother and Sister-in-law?"
Jiang Zhao suddenly put his hand on the girl’s shoulder and pinched her.
Girls can hide and run.
Luoyang felt Jiang Rufei holding her hand tight and let her feel the pain.
Section 25
Jiang Dad bowed his head and frowned. Jiang Zhiyuan looked at Jiang Rufei’s face. Jiang Ma quickly shouted "Yang Yang came to Mom"
Luoyang loosed Jiang Rufei and sat down beside Jiang Ma.
There is Jiang Zhao alone in the room, smiling very harshly. "Sister-in-law, I said I would give you a gift today. Look, the gift is here."
Jiang Rufei still stood there motionless.
The girl bowed her head and shed tears. Jiang Rufei was heartbroken
"Eldest brother! Come and sit down! "
Jiang Zhao suddenly shouted that he didn’t come over. Jiang Rufei Jiang Zhiyuan got up and pulled Jiang Zhao in the past. "Old three, I have something to tell you."
Last night, we agreed to tell him not to make a scene. If he knows what he is doing today, he will dare to stimulate everyone.
Jiang Zhao looked up at Jiang Zhiyuan. "I don’t know about your second brother, do I?"
Jiang Zhiyuan immediately left without staying.
Jiang Ma’s heart is too busy to coax Luo Yang Gu. Don’t "Yang Yang and Mom go back to the room to show you a good thing". Just make up a reason first.
Jiang Zhao shouted at Jiang Ma, "Mom, can you still keep my sister-in-law?"
Jiang Ma’s teeth itch and stare at Jiang Zhao. "Are you trying to piss your mother off?"
Luo Yang, in turn, comforted the excited Jiang Ma Jiang Ma and looked at Luo Yang’s heart that was uncomfortable.
This is a good wife. She doesn’t want to lose anything she looks for.
She is still looking forward to Luoyang giving birth to Jiang Rufei. She can see that Jiang Rufei is tempted by Luoyang.
Jiang Zhao leaned against the sofa and put her arm behind the girl. "See? This is the beautiful dress that Sister-in-law bought me yesterday. Didn’t you say it looked good?"
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
The girl shivered and Jiang Rufei clenched her fist.
Luo Yang sees strange eyes. Jiang Rufei has a very awkward feeling in his heart.
Jiang Ma nervously tugged at Luo Yang and whispered, "Yang Yang, don’t make mom sad, okay?"
Luoyang was busy saying, "Don’t worry, I am your little cotton-padded jacket after mom, and I will never make you sad."
Jiang Ma tears instantly dripped to clap Luo Yang hand satisfied.
Jiang dad in stuffy sigh.
Jiang Rufei walked over to Luoyang and sat down in a position not far from her.
Jiang Zhao said to the girl around him, "Did you see how to learn from your sister-in-law? You should know how to please your mother."
Jiang Ma was so angry that she wanted to smoke Jiang Zhao’s big mouths, but now she can’t take care of it and hold Luo Yang’s hand.
Jiang Rufei raised his eyelids and looked at the eyes. Luo Yang withdrew his eyes and asked Jiang Zhao, "What do you want?"
Jiang Zhao hooked the girl’s shoulder around him and said to Jiang Rufei, "Take more photos of my wife."
"You …" Jiang Ma couldn’t help but open her mouth and swallow it abruptly, firmly grasping Luoyang’s hand and saying nothing.