Curtain Gu Jiujiu saw a man lying in a hospital bed wrapped in gauze.

He turned pale as soon as he got to Zhang Jun.
Gu Jiujiu tears in her eyes when she saw a man.
"Song Yuyan …"
"Xia Yifei he …"
"Sister-in-law, don’t worry. Ah Yu’s injury is heavier, but the operation is going well and it’s no big deal," Xia Yifei said
Gu Jiujiu looked at this and Song Yuyan felt her heart hurt like a knife. She couldn’t help but shed tears in the man’s hand. "Xia Yifei, when can he wake up?"
Xia Yifei helped Gu Jiujiu back to bed. "I don’t know yet, but when will it wake up is really unknown."
Gu Jiujiu pursed her lips and looked at Song Yuyan over there.
Song Yuyan …
Very not easy Xia Yifei and Gu Zhifan to comfort Gu Jiujiu.
After Gu Jiujiu calmed down, he also noticed that Qi Qi hurt his hands.
"Pure and pure! Your hand "
Qi Qi smiled, "It’s nothing. This is a minor injury."
The police station has been dealing with this matter, and Song Xu is also cooperating with it and cleaning up the mess.
Gu Jiujiu has been guarding Song Yuyan.
"jiujiu, you eat something. Mom has cooked some porridge. You drink a little." Qi Wan said.
Gu Jiujiu stared at Song Yuyan "Mom, I’m not hungry"
Qi Wan looked at Gu Jiujiu like this. Looking at her, she was very happy with her own heart, but she was also worried about her.
"jiujiu, if you are not hungry, you should eat a little. You have just finished surgery and your body is still weak. You will feel distressed when Yan Er sees it."
Xia Yifei came in from the outside and saw Qi Wan earnestly urging Gu Jiujiu.
"Sister-in-law said to eat some for you. Think about it. If you collapse, how can you watch Ayu wake up?"
Obviously, Xia Yifei has spoken.
Gu Jiujiu lip lick thinking for a moment after always obedient took the porridge in the hand of qi wan to eat it.
Xia Yifei watched her eat this just relieved.
Qi Wan stayed in the hospital for a while and then left the hospital. "Yifei, if Ayu wakes up, remember to inform us."
Xia Yifei nodded. "Well, I will. You can rest assured."
When Xia Yifei walked into the ward again, he saw Gu Jiujiu still sitting next to Song Yuyan’s bed and staring at him.
Looking at this scene, Xia Yifei’s heart is mixed.
"Brother Ayu!"
Suddenly a sound broke the silence of the ward.
Xia Yifei looked back and saw Xie Yuxi and Xie Lv.
"Brother Ayu!"
Xie Yuxi cried at the sight of Song Yuyan.
"How did this happen?"
Section 137