"After I unload the goods, I’m going to see an all-night movie to make up for everything."

"I want to eat a lot of hot pot and drink a lot of milk tea."
After she arrived at the cinema mall, Fu Jingxiao had taken her to the milk tea shop and ordered her a cup of milk tea, but no sugar was allowed.
Pregnant women are prone to hyperglycemia and sugar control during pregnancy. Fu Jingxiao is very strict in supervision, although she likes sweets very much.
"I love Fu Zong today" Xu Jin inkstone feeling
Everything is satisfied.
Fu Jingxiao rubbed her head and held her in her arms. "Tian Fu is always a little unhappy."
She kept smiling.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and thirty-two Might as well send gold.
In the third trimester, she also needs to move around. If she doesn’t work overtime, Fu Jingxiao will accompany her to walk in the community every day, so it’s not strong to walk today.
After buying milk tea, I went to the cinema on the fourth floor.
Xu Jinyan pointed to the place where popcorn was sold. "Anyway, I still want to eat popcorn after I overspent today." She pursed her lips and then added, "My baby wants to eat, right, baby?"
I don’t know what magic thing it is.
The baby actually kicked her.
"He really moved! It’s really my darling. He agrees with his mother very much. "
"I’m protesting with you that all night is junk food." Fu Jingxiao snorted lightly, but he sent her to a rest chair next to him to buy popcorn himself.
The mouth is hard but the body is honest.
He bought popcorn, held it in one hand and led her into the screening hall with the other.
Xu Jinyan looked around and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Maybe my film selection is relatively unpopular." Fu Jingxiao cleared his voice and answered her question casually.
Xu Jin inkstone, well, wandered around again.
"Well, I admit that I made a reservation because I didn’t want others to disturb our wedding anniversary." Fu Jingxiao cited a reasonable reason.
Believe him, he will feel more uneasy.
After all, he only dies once a year.
"Well, you did a good job. You can’t do it again." Xu Jin nodded.
Fu Jingxiao promised first, and in fact, it is very simple for him to be a general contractor of Fu, but his wife is thrifty and he has also developed the habit of not spending money.
To Hoai Whale also spoke to him, "You didn’t change a suit every day before, but I’ve seen you wear it more than three times this month."
"I don’t care about the sample, but I have seven sets of clothes that don’t care about the sample every week," Fu Jingxiao explained. "My wife said that it is the unified virtue of the Chinese nation to change different things every day."
It’s a pity that General Manager Fu has been wearing a suit for a year and has been photographed on many important occasions. The media are wondering when the head office of General Manager Fu can be upgraded.
According to the principle that his wife can only get a new one if her habits are broken, this haute couture suit is estimated to have not worn out for a day.
But who makes him happy?
Xu Jinyan said that "linen coarse clothes are haute couture in your body" and gave him the highest praise. In his wife’s heart, whatever he wears is the most handsome.
This is a story about two young doctors who met in a rescue and then met and fell in love in the workplace in a warm winter shadow.
There are many tears in the shadow, and there are also many miniature of life.
They went through a hot contradiction, pain and entanglement, and finally they went to a very dangerous virus treatment, which showed that they belonged to Dr. China Ling Ran. They went together with unknown destiny, whether they were alive or dead, and they were fearless to go forward.
When they wear protection, they run in the front line
On the back of the protection, it says to live because it also says I love you.
Finally, the blank picture is their protection
Xu Jinyan is a very cold lover, but tears are spinning from her eyes. Because of this, love has already passed through life and death, but it is firmly moving forward, because you and I have long been dependent on life and death
Fu Jingxiao brushed away her tears.
Finally, I pay tribute to all the medical staff in the front line because their happiness never falls from the sky, but someone carries a heavy burden.
After the shadow stops
The whole screening hall was dark and suddenly the screen jumped out. Xu Jinyan went to the black market, Qi County and Sichuan City, and she didn’t know when to take the photos.
She turned her head doubtfully.
Fu Jingxiao doesn’t know when he got up and walked to the front of the screening curtain, holding a bunch of sunflowers in his hand, and finally a line jumped out of the screen.
"To pay tribute to my wife, I promise the doctor that I will always be your back if you move forward."
Fu Jingxiao shouted to the microphone in his hand, "Happy first anniversary of Mrs. Fu’s marriage."