So Changsheng didn’t criticize plug Passareira’s arrogance, but slapped Passareira on the shoulder and raised his head slightly. Compared with his tall young man, he said, "Good! Have ambition! Come with me now! "

Passareira hesitated "now? I’m not going to pick up … "
Changsheng waved his hand. "We don’t have time for waves. When you come back after training, you will have a chance to say goodbye to your teammates in Team C."
With that, he took Passareira away.
Angulo watched the two men leave the back, relishing what he had just seen, and then he shook his head.
He felt that he could not directly change from a youth team coach to a first-team coach. Perhaps it was when Passareira said the last sentence that he was surprised and always won, but he laughed as if he could understand Passareira.
Crazy always has something in common …
He turned around and walked to the door of team C’s locker room. A group of teenagers eavesdropping behind the door were scared and scattered.
He grumpily shouted at these people, "Envy? Envy me and train hard! You all saw Carlos Campo’s performance in a league match. If you want to soar like him, you have to be prepared! When the opportunity comes, you can’t catch it and envy it! "
Chapter 27 Achievements
Carlos Campo is very happy about the arrival of Cesar Passareira. Although he already has friends in the first team, Cesar is a really good friend to him. Cesar’s arrival will make him less lonely.
In addition, Cesc’s entry into the first team also means that he is half successful. Carlos has no doubt about Cesc’s ability. He believes that if the boss gives Cesc a chance, he will become famous as himself.
Before, he was worried that the boss would forget the two of them when he went to the first team. Later, he was taken to the first team, and his boss looked at it.
Now this worry is finally gone.
The arrival of the second C team player made some people in the first team look even worse.
Even a fool can see what it means to win one after another by pulling C team players to the first team.
He is going to cultivate and support his own power.
And now there are signs of division in the locker room because of Popovich, a traitor. Some people who used to be neutral now choose Popovich’s side. After all, Popovich also has some appeal in the locker room.
The situation is getting worse for the "chaotic parties"
Especially after Changsheng led the team to win the game against Osasuna, the support for Changsheng gradually increased.
Needless to say, the local media in Hertha are more likely to lick their bodies than to hook their asses.
The fans are also supporting him. It is said that there were fans looking for Chang Sheng’s autograph the day before, and I heard that he was still wearing Popovich’s jersey … This is really intriguing …
Plug Passareira almost just entered the locker room and felt the undercurrent in the locker room. He didn’t need Carlos Campo to introduce him to know what the situation was.
He was quickly isolated by some people.
But it was quickly accepted by Popovich and others.
There are so many struggles in a relegation team … Sai Passareira thinks that if the boss is really capable, this team can’t save anyone, and it is the destination to be relegated to Group B.
In training, this feeling is even more obvious. It can be seen that some people do not contribute to work and respond negatively in training.
He thinks it’s really tricky. At least if he is a big talker, he really has no good way. Maybe he really has to bow to someone.
But obviously, he is not the boss, and his boss can’t do anything about it.
Ever since the match with Osasuna, Changsheng has stipulated that all matches should be played to the media and fans.
This is a very common decision, and no one will feel anything wrong, because the former team often did the same thing. Juan Zamora temporarily closed the training for the sake of stabilizing the morale of the army when he lost continuously in the previous period.
But it didn’t work at all
Chang Sheng Tai Hou didn’t put on training in the first week because he wanted a quiet environment.
I didn’t think it would make him see a part of the team’s cigar smoke
Now that he has resumed training, everyone feels normal, even those "disorderly parties"
However, they soon found that Chang Sheng’s frequent blows and stops in training increased, and he shouted at those players who were inattentive in negative training. In front of all fans and the media, he directly shouted "Pida! What were you doing just now? Attention! attention! Pay attention! " He seemed to be afraid that he couldn’t explain clearly, and he was given a lot of body movements. He pointed to his brain and shouted
"See his mama ghost! Segura, this is a defense! My neighbor’s daughters are more powerful than you! "
"Hernando Curras! If you still do this, I don’t mind sending you to team B! "
The players who were criticized by name were all surprised. They didn’t know what Changsheng was doing-was it a declaration of war to criticize them so openly?
However, when they saw a circle of fans and media outside the training ground, the wise men became vain and always won. What is this to do …
Kill someone with a knife!
So many fans and reporters are here to testify, and everyone knows who is not serious in training, so who is responsible if the team is finally relegated? At the very least, public opinion will not say that the head coach is responsible, but that there is something wrong with the team department …
This ….. Damn China!
If they dare to stand up to the constant winners face to face again, then sit down in front of these people and they will be accused of defamation. By then, the fans and the media will spit on them several times.
You know, because of the reversal, Osasuna has come to the training ground to watch the team train Hertha. There are more fans and media than ever before. Everyone is very enthusiastic, and now the position of Changsheng in their minds has reached the historical peak. Anyone who talks with Changsheng in front of them will be scolded to death …
Now, even if they are unhappy, they can hold it back, and what makes them even more unhappy is that there are also forces against them in the locker room. If it is Cesar Passareira and Carlos Campo, they are not afraid, but the problem is that there are still main players like Popovich among these people!
That is to say, now they can’t do anything about a new head coach who just won the game. Who makes people feel proud now?
They can curse the team for losing in their hearts. In their opinion, when the team loses, the aura in this China coach will disappear and he will lose his amulet.
They are bent on dealing with this coach, so that it may relegate the team, and they are not at all concerned …
Plug Passareira looked on coldly in training and laughed when he found the meaning of his boss’s doing so.
Carlos Campo leaned in. "What makes you laugh so hard?"
"I see that some people are going to have bad luck," plug said.
Carlos Campo is not an idiot either. He turns his eyes and turns white. Who does he mean by "some people"
Then he also lost his boss’s plan.
So he laughed. "Yes! Some people must be crazy now! Ha ha! This is to move against the boss! "
The two newborn calves didn’t pay any attention to the first-team brothers. In fact, the fantasy about the first-team team had long been disillusioned in the hearts of these two people when Golka proudly went to the first team.
For them, the first team is not so excited, but it is most valuable to help the boss.