Hou Dacheng whispered "I’ll wait for you" according to the intercom.

There was a "bang bang bang" outside the building, and then a few sniper rifles exploded, and then it was a long time before Hou Dacheng heard the giant wolf’s tired sound "the blade was withdrawn" in the earphone.
After listening to the words of the giant wolf, Hou Dacheng was stunned and then rushed out of his heart with 100 thousand horses. Nima just said that he would skin the old skin, and now you are running away. This is so unscientific.
"King Arthur is not an idiot. If he didn’t notice the trap, the blade would have been destroyed." The giant wolf whispered in the earphone. "There is no doubt that they ran away even when they first charged."
Hou Dacheng touched his forehead and couldn’t help sighing. It is estimated that King Arthur just chose to talk nonsense with himself in order to stabilize himself and let them have more retreat. Although they had an attack plan,
However, when they realized that something was wrong, they withdrew without hesitation. Only those who are alive can talk about being killed, and their dignity is gone.
"The good news is that we caught two alive people at the back door." The giant wolf voice continued to ring in the earphone. "The bad news is that these two alive people were found by others, and none of them damaged the cannon fodder. I don’t know anything."
Hou Dacheng rolled his eyes and didn’t know what to say, but fortunately, when the blade threatened, these Committee members handed over the doubts that originally belonged to benoit to Lisa, which was probably the only gain.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I advise you to strengthen your security recently." Hou Dasheng got up and patted Clemente on the shoulder. "Not every time you are so lucky."
"I think our first priority is not to strengthen security, but to ask the Ministry of National Defense whether this country belongs to France or Albizia." Clemente turned black and almost growled. "Are they already so brazen about fighting in Paris? Is this France or his Albizia territory?"
Hou Dacheng shrugged his shoulders and ignored Clemente’s words. He took the elixir and others out of the building directly. There is already a special car waiting for the car outside the building. Hou Dacheng and others directly evacuated.
"I need an explanation, King Arthur." The cigar smoke in front of young Albizi was misty, and in front of him, King Arthur bowed his head. This was the old Albizi room, and now it belongs to young Albizi.
Although he strangled his father here, young Albizi still likes to handle things here, which seems to be an explanation for strangling his father. I will do better.
However, the fact is getting worse.
"I bought you three hours. Do you know how much I paid for these three hours?" Little Albizi was almost yelling at King Arthur. "The Ministry of National Defense has terminated its cooperation with us."
"This time, I took out an oil well and the other party was willing to give us some." Little Albizi took a deep breath and said, "Do you know that my chips are running out?"
Young Albizi looked at King Arthur and said softly, "You and I are finished, so can you stay out of it? You know, France will never tolerate other forces raging here."
"If it weren’t for me, you would have the opportunity to exert such great power in France and no one would take care of you." Little Albizi looked at King Arthur and said, "If I am finished, they will liquidate you. If you can’t escape their attack, even if you hide in Africa, someone will be full-time after you."
King Arthur has shown some dissatisfaction with the fact that Albizi is telling the truth about the foreign legion, especially since they used force in Paris twice, which has violated the bottom line.
Albizi Jr. and Celix chose to lie dormant before the family war was decided, otherwise waiting for the blade now would be surrounded by the gendarmerie.
The national gendarmerie intervention team is ready to move. If King Arthur Cong should get out of France at this time, it’s a pity that he can’t leave now even if he wants to. He has become an organic whole with Albizi Jr.
"I’ve asked people to keep an eye on them when we still need them," King Arthur said with a little difficulty. "You know we are one now, and I won’t miss it if I have the chance."
King Arthur looked at young Albizi and whispered, "We need opportunities and we need to find opportunities."
"But I don’t have that much time to wait for my chance," young Albizi almost interrupted King Arthur with a roar. "You know, the Territorial Guardianship Agency is already looking for trouble with me, and this situation won’t last long, even though there will be members to speak for me."
Young Albizi took a deep breath and stared at King Arthur. "One week at most, either you solve this problem or I’ll find someone else to do things for you and you can leave France."
King Arthur’s bitter taste means that he will swallow himself out of France after all. To put it simply, this means that Albizia Jr. will not give back to the blade, and it also means that the Territorial Guardianship Bureau will formally find trouble with them.
Even foreign legions will look for the blade. Without the protection of French political power, the blade power looks like a joke. In front of the huge state machine, the mercenary group blade has little counterattack power at all.
And if it is hunted down by a permanent member of the United Nations, it is not good news for the group.
"I will meet the deputy speaker one day." Lisa rubbed her eyebrows wearily. She didn’t go back to the Silly Axes family manor. She stayed in the giant wolf’s house.
How did these safe houses come about? The giant wolf didn’t say Hou Dacheng didn’t ask. Anyway, the giant wolf is sure to have no problem. There is no problem here, just beside the Bourbon Palace on the Seine in Paris.
Even young Albizi is crazy and dare not do it here. There are several tycoons and politicians living next to members of Congress here, which is different from declaring war on them.
"If we can get parliamentary support, we can clean up half of Albizia’s parliamentarians," Lisa rubbed her face and said, "Cut off Albizia’s political influence."
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To deal with their entity enterprise "
"it will be a hard and long-term battle, and I’m afraid it will take us a long time to win."
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Happy together
"With a cage, a wolf is no longer a wolf, but a dog." Young Albizi shook his red glass in his hand and looked at the dark red wine lightly. "The blade has been abolished. King Arthur is just a joke now."
In front of him was a white man with a large suit, a bald face and a beer belly, who looked about fifty. The man looked less than 300 pounds by visual inspection.
He bent his head carefully and quickly cut the steak on his plate and stuffed it into his mouth. He didn’t even look up. "That’s all you can do now. I don’t think you can win this war."
The bald old man didn’t look up, but he was still cutting his steak quickly and carefully. The blood in the medium-rare steak flowed along the knife, and the man didn’t care to put the cut beef into his mouth.
"Little Albizi, you need to impress me, you know? You still don’t talk about this nonsense." At this time, bald and fat finally looked up, only to see that face with a juryman face and a wine trough nose with slightly gray eyes.
These eyes are full of cruelty and tyranny. "Tell me what you are going to do to impress me."
"Since you can pay a Picasso painting for this meeting, you can say that you will give me something better." The bald man raised his hand and looked at his watch. "You still have fifteen minutes."
Little Albizi smiled and whispered, "Mr. gasard, I naturally have something that can impress you."
"Many people don’t know that the rapid rise of the Silix family after all the blows can’t be separated from the support of an organization, that is, your group."
Little Albizi’s words made the bald man’s eyes freeze, but he still didn’t look up, but continued to dance with his knife and cut the steak on his plate. He lowered his head and no one could see the change in his eyes.
"I finally found this node at a great cost," said Albizi Jr., arching himself with his hands and looking at gasard. "I believe if you support me."