Now that Li Gang has been forced to stay in Xuanyuan Wangji, he can’t help but take precautions. Now this Shangyang Garden is even uneasy. Only the palace can protect Li Ge’s safety.

Once Li Ge stays in the palace, it is that if things between the two countries are too involved, he will have scruples.
A finely carved luxury carriage went along Qingshi Road towards the imperial city. Li Ge looked at it with a look of silence. Xuanyuan Wangji was caught in the heart because of Mu Wanshang, and he felt guilty and worried, so he was sent to the palace to take refuge.
Not too timid, the voice also became very dignified. "The report can take the shadow guard away to save the girl. My father left me enough guards to protect myself. It is necessary to send Ge to the palace."
Whether it’s too good or Li Fang’s plan is disrupted now, anything will happen, and he has to finish the plan
Cold drink a way "stupid! If they kill you, she will be safe before she catches you. "
"But I can’t escape like this. After all, Mu Girl was caught because of Ge."
Xuanyuan Wang is extremely gloomy. If he starts a prairie fire, Li Ge is still so kind. His mother-in-law has already grasped his anger in her heart ~ You remember to save your life first and think about others. That woman is handed over to the king. "
The carriage soon arrived at Tai ‘an Gate, the main entrance of the palace. Xuanyuan Wangji took out the token from the bosom. When the gate guard saw it, it was the emperor’s token. Xuanyuan Wangji’s temperament was extraordinary and noble, and he was distinguished at first sight.
Li Ge also took out the certificate of Xinluo Token Guard and saw him walk out of the picture in a warm and elegant way.
Gave the token a respectful look to the two men and shouted at the guards behind them, "The city gate!"
Imperial room XuanYuanHong in marking the throne queen idle things from the auxiliary government but see YunGuiFei stew some make-up to two women infighting words make XuanYuanHong very not make my heart ache badly.
Two women don’t know to have XuanYuanHong is already a splitting headache at the two women, "I have a bad headache, and the Queen Aifei will come to see me another day."
The two women didn’t expect the emperor to chase the clouds and cover the moon, and said, "Do you want the emperor to announce the cure too much?"
"No, it’s all old ~ problems."
Weishilan naturally knew that the emperor wanted to hide behind his ears and didn’t get half the benefits. Cold hum a way, "It’s my sister who is too noisy to disturb the emperor. Let’s go! Let the emperor’s ears be clean. "
Yun Yan’s face turned pale before Wei Shilan walked away from the imperial room. They just happened to see Wang Li Ge coming in the direction of the imperial room.
Yun Yan Yue said, "Sister, isn’t that Wang Yu and Xinluo Shi?"
The queen is not blind. Naturally, she saw it and waited in place.
Li Ge, the king of Yu, slowly walked in. Even though Wang Yu hated the Queen Wei for killing her mother princess, after all, she was the queen’s mother.
He vowed that the Wei family would soon get a taste of retribution, and both of them greeted each other with "seen the Empress!"
"Wang Shi, get up quickly!"
The queen was just about to ask what the two men were doing when she came to Wang Zhi’s interface and said, "I have something important to see my father in the temple." Without giving the queen any room for inquiry, she hurried away to see the emperor.
See Wei Shilan’s eyes flash with hatred in the clouds. Wang Yu is not the kui and was born in the coffin and ShaQi all over.
The emperor doesn’t seem to care about the hall emperor, but he made a promise to make the queen bear grudges for a long time.
The cloud covers the moon and covers the mouth with a light smile. "Sister Wen has been alone in the emperor’s heart for many years, and our sisters have not yet won over a dead man." I don’t feel sorry.
"People have been dead for more than 20 years. What else can she do? Jing Xuan’s wedding day is coming. You should think about it, such as thank you Palace. "
Listening to the queen’s busy smile, "How dare Moon forget her sister’s kindness?"
Yu Fang Ji Huai ignited the soothing fragrance. Since Wen Guifei’s death, the emperor has branded the root of the disease. Recently, he has not only been restless at night, but also has frequent dreams and headaches.
"The emperor’s old slave ordered soothing incense and took a short rest."
"Go with you!"
"King Yu! Silla seeks audience! " The little eunuch outside the door called
Xuanyuanhong caressed the forehead. Suddenly, Wang Yu came. Something must have happened. "Call them in quickly!"
Xuanyuan wangji Li ge entered the imperial room and frowned at the emperor’s forehead. "I have seen my father and emperor!"
Li Ge smelled the soothing fragrance and rushed to say, "The emperor has a headache!"
Li Ge rushed forward and said, "Can Li Ge have a try at medical science?"
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
Li Ge’s slender fingertips cover XuanYuanHong’s temples, and he gently presses ~ acupoints ~ Tao.
For a moment, Xuanyuanhong’s headache was relieved, and many minds were awake, knowing that they were not going to the Three Treasures Hall.
"What happened to King Yu?"
Xuanyuan made no secret of his direct purpose: "I have something to ask my father, and someone is bad for the temple."
XuanYuanHong makes awe-inspiring this to big Yin Silla diplomatic relations "Yu Wang out of this? Is it that people want to be bad for the temple? "
When Li Ge saw the emperor’s suspicion, he always knew that Wang Mu’s dress was staged. Although it was a joke, it was the emperor who admitted Wang Mu’s wife.
Mouth explained, "Emperor, this is Li Ge’s housework, but it has brought trouble to the disappearance of Princess Yu Wang Yu."
King Yu looked worried and said, "I implore my father to send someone to protect the temple."
Chapter 46 Hidden mystery
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XuanYuanHong learned that Mu Wan-shang was missing, and people were taken away in the street in the daytime. No matter what people did, they went to the Royal Face City to search for Princess Yu.
Li Ge’s staying in the palace will leave him with no worries. Now he has to meet a person, the master who lives in the East Palace all the year round.
Xuanyuanhaotian has also learned that Li Fang’s people will take it away. How can Li Fang want to come? It won’t be that there is no shrewd person who has endured it for ten years. How can he be so forced to wait for Li Ge? After all, if something happened to Wang Shi of Silla, if King Silla became angry and cut off contacts between the two countries, his alliance with Li Fang would also collapse.
At this time, the queen came to tell Wang Yu that Li Bin had entered the palace. What did Wang Yu want to do? Don’t a woman want to make things big?
Xuanyuanhaotian is going to the palace to prevent Wang Yu from taking the opportunity to attack. This is the time for Zhang and his father to let him supervise the country. It’s not time for war at this time.
There is a wall in the East Palace of the Palace. Just after sitting in Luanjia, I saw King Yu’s carriage parked at the entrance of the East Palace.
Xuanyuanhaotian didn’t expect Xuanyuan Wangji to come to the East Palace Taifu. This is also the first time he visited the house and suddenly got up and strode forward. He was very surprised. "It’s really rare for Wang Yu to come to my Taifu."
Xuanyuan Wang is extremely long and narrow, and her eyes are half narrowed, and her face is cold and her body is cold. She is not angry and arrogant. "I know my purpose too well and I will play dumb."
XuanYuanHaoTian also don’t want to let people hear their conversation "this is not a place to talk, third brother, please"
Xuanyuan Wang didn’t move. His roots wouldn’t consider being too face-to-face and too eye-catching. He was very unhappy and handed everyone the color to dismiss.
Xuanyuanhaotian Taizong was actually blocked at the door and questioned, but it was also the first time that he was cold. "If the third brother lost someone, he should send someone to find someone. How can he come to Taifu to be important?"
Xuanyuan Wang knows very well that people are not in Taifu. "My brother came to inform Taifu that Gang Ge is now in the palace. Even if he catches someone, Ge will not submit. That woman is nothing?"
Xuanyuan Wang’s head turned away from Tai and didn’t know that the emperor had ordered him to protect Li Ge’s safety.
The most dangerous place, that is, the safest place, is too Ge to harm the people on Ge’s side without qualitative conflict of interest. If you know that it is narrow-minded, even your lungs will explode.
Xuanyuanhaotian’s arrogant attitude towards Xuanyuan Wang would have made a move long ago if the emperor had not secretly protected him, and he would not have torn his face with his father if he had to.