"Snapping" shot directly hit the load-bearing column where Hou Dasheng was hiding. Obviously, Hou Dasheng and them were found. If they don’t respond at this time, they will definitely be killed.

But see Hou Dacheng suddenly short body jumped out to just toward their bullets "bang bang" is a burst of some on-site a roll directly behind a car.
In Hou Dacheng gun at the same time, the fat dog has a tacit understanding and rushed out directly from behind the load-bearing column to "bang bang" a burst of some at the shooting position of Hou Dacheng just now.
On the other side of the two people cooperate, there are screams.
"Fake or the guy in black in the restaurant of acquaintances" Fat dog called Hou Dasheng a Hou Dasheng smell speech stare blankly for a "Manhattan is not small, how can we meet them?"
But think about the configuration you encountered in the restaurant. If they were attacked, Hou Dasheng would feel reasonable. After all, equipped with those Han bodyguards, they must have expected to encounter extremely dangerous attacks.
"Guys, I know who you are." At this time, Hou Dasheng confirmed that the fat dog said it was true because the sound belonged to the bald man who talked to them last night.
"I know you are war animals, but I mean no harm. I want to hire you here to help me escort someone out. Can you?"
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Lisa Deroche Forsillie Axe
Hou Dasheng actually wants to shout at this time. This stupid thing has nothing to do with us. You love to fight and kill at will. If it doesn’t hit us, you can move a nuclear warhead.
But it’s a pity that Hou Dacheng even said it now. Just now Hou Dacheng jumped out and the fat dogs killed several outcrop militants.
Even if it is because the other side shot first, they will not forgive Hou Dasheng for it.
"Dadada" A shot rang out, and Hou Dacheng was hiding in the concrete reinforced load-bearing column and was beaten by dust. Hou Dacheng and the fat dog couldn’t help sighing today.
The other party has already made a red eye. At this time, whatever they say, the other party will choose to kill them and leave no future trouble. Hou Dasheng knows this, so they can choose now.
"Bang, bang, bang" Fat dog suddenly jumped out of the load-bearing wall, facing the opposite is a burst of some, and at the same time, it rushed in the direction that just spoke to them.
Hou Dacheng didn’t hesitate. At the same time, the fat dog rushed out and directly jumped out. According to the gun, the direction of fire just exposed to the other party was a burst of "bang bang".
Only to see the fat dog short body jumped directly into the back of a load-bearing column, while Hou Dacheng hid behind him and then hid behind a load-bearing wall.
"Yo, it’s a beautiful girl." The fat dog whistled and Hou Dacheng looked intently and found the big man in black. They needed a guard.
Hou Dasheng also has to admit that this girl is the most beautiful European beauty he has ever seen-unlike Dany, who is tough, unscrupulous and vivienne, this girl is wearing a kind of calm and expensive.
Beside her, seven big men in black all had gunshot wounds of different weights, while she calmly tore up her skirt and was busy making simple bandages for these.
"Uncle Otto, we really need help, but it’s not necessary to take me away." The girl remained calm in the bullets, and Hou Dasheng didn’t see a trace of panic in her eyes.
This is called Hou Dacheng, who was very surprised and couldn’t help but look at her a few times, and this woman turned her head at this time, and the two of them cared about four eyes.
"I’m Lisa Deroche Forsillie Axe, and you are protecting our price for one million dollars today." The little girl named Lisa looked at Hou Dasheng and said, "My family has the ability to pay, so you can stop the other side from attacking before my people arrive."
Hou Dacheng rolled his eyes. Although you are beautiful, you can’t eat it as a meal, right? Besides, you can’t choose to die because you are beautiful.
"Pretty girl, to tell you the truth, I really want to earn this million, but I have to spend my life if I have money. Look, you’ve been lying down for five now, and two others don’t seem to last long."
Hou Dacheng looked at the little girl and shrugged his shoulders. "I don’t think that just because my brother and I have two pistols in our hands can change the situation. Now I have my own grasp of running for my life and I don’t have to protect you."
Hou Dacheng’s words really make people feel a little naive. Now Lisa and their situation is not good. There are five men in black who are watching the intake and venting. It’s hard to say that they will have to hang up soon.
Among them, the big bald man in black looks in good condition. He is not hurt, but he alone can’t change the situation. Although the people across the street don’t know who it is.
But since they dare to start work here, they must be sure to kill them.
"Whoosh, whoosh, boom" Hou Dasheng’s voice just fell and a scream suddenly exploded, and then a violent explosion exploded outside the load-bearing wall.
Hou Dacheng consciousness suddenly pressed Lisa’s head against the wall and put the gun out of the wall without looking. "Bang, bang, bang," a burst of shooting, and then he heard the gun roar.
The quality of the load-bearing wall is still good, but it has not been blown through, but the splashing concrete blocks are directly splashed, and the bombs are everywhere, hitting the wall and the dust is flying constantly.
Hou Dacheng know each other must be to take this opportunity to fire suppression here at the same time, let them all rushed to each other and moved rg. There must be a lot of melee weapons like grenades.
"Falk beautiful miss Lisa, how on earth did you offend them? rg is in Manhattan, so it’s a big battle to kill you."
Hou Dacheng gnashing malicious way "fat dog fat dog your ya hang up"
"Shit, you didn’t hang up." Hou Dasheng suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and pressed Lisa against the load-bearing wall. "I can’t say that I can protect you from supporting you for a while."
With that, Hou Dasheng took out his satellite words, and then he swore "Fake" again.
"There is no signal here. If there was, we would have called for help." Lisa was obviously calm and said to Hou Dasheng, "It seems that they are not going to let you go. Personally, I suggest that we fight together."