"Lin Imperial Medical Palace is pregnant in May. Can it be diagnosed as a man or a woman?"

"But it’s true that both men and women are of royal blood, and it’s better not to feel the pulse."
Wen Zhen was able to recognize that it was the diagnosis of a male fetus that led to a slippery tire at the beginning, so Doctor Lin still had some scruples.
After all, the harem is changing. If the queen is really pregnant with a boy, it is a sin if someone harms him.
Mrs. Wen said from the side, "Doctor Lin can rest assured that the child is safe, whether male or female."
It has been said that "since the empress insists on feeling the pulse, I will feel the pulse. Today, the empress knows that I will never tell anyone."
"Doctor Lin’s medical ethics are noble, even if things go out today, he will be with doctor Lin."
"Good empress, please feel the pulse!"
Wen Zhen handed Hao wrist in the past, and Lin Mao took a brocade handkerchief to cover it at the fingertips of plain wrist and take Hao wrist to distinguish it carefully.
Later, Lin Mao took his hand and breathed a sigh of relief.
What’s more, Wen Zhen’s mother and daughter feel anxious. "Is doctor Lin a man or a woman?"
"Congratulations, Empress is a boy."
Wen Zhen’s tight heart also breathed a sigh of relief. "Mother is a male fetus!"
Mrs. Wen didn’t panic. "The queen still doesn’t watch the reward!"
Wen Zhen is also a little too happy. "Brocade, go and get some rewards!"
Mrs. Wen looked at Wen Zhen’s bulging belly daughter, and her father still lived up to expectations. Even when she went to Wen Gu, she had something to rely on.
Yu Fang Xiao Yichen just left the second phase of the experiment and still failed, which did not achieve the expected results.
Qi Luan River will temporarily deal with some things, and it will be a few days before it can come back again. Xuanyuan looked at the drawing extremely, such as maximizing the power of artillery.
I heard Zhang Deshun tell Lin Mao outside that it must be what happened to the Queen.
"Come on in!"
Lin Mao went in. "Long live the emperor!"
"Lin physician has something to say directly" Xuanyuan wangji way
"The emperor just empress will I call to feel the pulse want to know is a man or a woman? Everything is in accordance with the emperor’s command. "
If the queen knew that she was pregnant with a boy, she would be very happy that the writer finally found something to rely on.
"I know you go first!"
Xuanyuan Wangji also called the guards to order people to go to Fengyi Palace to inform Queen Mu Wanshang that she was pregnant with a boy. I believe Cong Jin must know what to do.
Since the queen is pregnant with a male fetus, Lin’s physician also came to the imperial palace to tell the child about his lineal blood. As a father, he really needs to have a look.
"Zhang Deshun has a Fengqi Palace!"
Wen Zhen was very happy to send her mother away, and she was more careful to protect her unborn child, which was her greatest reliance.
Lying on the couch and having a rest, I heard Zhang Deshun’s shrill voice outside the temple.
"The emperor is here!"
Wen Zhen heard wrong in his own ears. "Is Brocade the emperor?"
"It’s an empress!"
Brocade is busy holding Wen Zhen’s couch. Xuanyuan Wangji has entered the temple and came to her. "Don’t be embarrassed."
"Emperor, why are you here?" Wen Zhen is still unbelievable.
"Listen to Lin’s physician and say that you are pregnant with a male fetus, which is the blood of the royal family. I naturally come to see the child."
Although the emperor kept saying that he came to see the children, he came to see her. He was flattered.
"The emperor finally came to see the male and female servants."
Xuanyuan looked at the case with a few piles full of books and copied the palace rules. "I will come to see the queen from time to time for rest."