Hearing this long-lost name, Meyer suddenly felt very bad ―― in 1921, several of his friends bought a mine in East Africa in partnership, which was originally a world-renowned operation, but once he missed after drinking, he injured one of his partners. The German died two days later due to wound infection, escaping legal punishment, and Mayer’s own share exchange allowed other people to prove that his companion died of a local infectious disease, so it was covered up but he didn’t want to …

After inviting two men in black into the house with trepidation, the Mayer family had a long talk alone in the room. In the end, the matter was not submitted to the judge, but the deadly evidence was still kept in an safe and secret place.
"Okay, please let go."
Hearing this sound, Mayer suddenly seems to have been drained of his soul and collapsed in his position. It is a feeling that Mayer is not the only one in the Weixian Party who is responsible for propaganda, Bernie Michel, the general contact person of Wü rttemberg, Ben Claudio, and Kyle Nuremberg, the dean of the East Prussian branch … In the long career, everyone will make some mistakes more or less, some of which are not guilty and can be treated leniently by the society, but others are not shady transactions and bribery of officials. Unfair competition involves treason, and so on. Often, the richer and more powerful people are, the greater the chance that they will come into contact with these dark sides of yin. They are not present in the representative office, but their number is enough to play a key role in the voting result, which makes a fatal shift in the seemingly fair and just balance.
"Okay, please take a moment. The voting results are being counted on the spot."
Frick still maintained his inherent stability when he said this, but as far as the live voting is concerned, it is difficult for the naked eye to determine who wins and who loses, but it is certain that there will always be people who are in a dilemma and finally choose to give up.
In the hard waiting, some people are whispering to each other, but more people are waiting with grim expressions. Is this a fate sentence for them?
At this moment, Avril Frick, a well-dressed garden apartment at No.61 Bandle Avenue, is quietly helping the window to put his hands together and sincerely praying for his beloved, who deeply loves this talented and personable man. He has almost paranoid efforts at work and can show humor, humor and carefulness in family life. On the one hand, he has the general appearance of an emperor and an apostle, and he has an admirable will. In this woman’s mind, no one is more suitable for taking charge than her beloved. Instead of giving her grandfather a soft touch, this clever woman quietly gives various hints to key figures or makes them think that this is what President Frick means or makes them understand the benefits they can get afterwards, or plays the family card. Although she can win support within her ability, there may be a few dozen people. However, in a voting group with a total of less than 200 people, this figure is a one-shot success.
After repeated calculations and checks, the clerk in charge of counting the votes finally took the note that decided the fate of the whole country to the rostrum. At this moment, the venue was so large that even 12 retired officers with military career experience held their breath. Less than a year after its establishment, Weixian Party was a special group of many professionals, and retired soldiers only accounted for 5% of the official party member of 200 million-restricted by the fact that soldiers were not allowed to be in politics. It is not allowed to play an important role in the party. It is for this reason that Logan has been restored to his rank. He did not take up a post in the national defense army, but this did not prevent him from gaining extremely popular support among his former colleagues.
After reading the note sent by the clerk, Frick finally frowned, which added tension to the scene, but as many people understand, no matter which candidate wins in the end, it will not affect the president’s position in the state and party departments
"According to the objective and fair calculation of the on-site voting results, Hans Logan won 91 votes …" At this point, Frick’s words paused a little-it almost killed the heart patient, and the candidates Logan and Prafa sitting on his left and right didn’t even change their faces when they heard this number.
This is not enough to ensure victory. If the Ministry chooses another candidate, its support votes will reach 94 votes with a slight advantage.
Breathing Frick continued to announce that "Paul Prafa … 6 votes"
In an instant, the meeting was boiling, and Logan got up eagerly in hands in the air. He had many people to thank, but perhaps what he should thank most at this moment was the "Mr. Key" who gave up voting.
On the evening of November 14, 1942, the Weixian Party won 40% of the votes in the popular election, and officially announced that the religious party "Catholic Central Party" had formed a joint cabinet, which was much more efficient than several joint cabinets formed earlier in 1932. Political historians analyzed that the partner chosen by the Weixian Party did not seem to have much in common, and the most important point was that the latter had the lowest "price"-in the joint cabinet, the religious party only occupied three ministerial seats in education, culture and labor, which can be described as government politics and diplomacy.
It’s getting dark in the small balcony of his apartment. Avril Lavigne hugged each other tightly and happily watched the fireworks rising from Leipzig Square to celebrate the victory. Weixian organized a grand parade, the scale of which was no less than that of Adolf Hitler’s climb to the peak in 1933 ―― now Germany is no longer a desperate person who is struggling to find a way out. The unprecedented vastness still fills every German with hope. Every move of this military power will attract Europe and the world. A country’s government’s achievements may not be the same as those of its predecessors. Logan is full of pride. He saw Baku, a seaside far away, barren and rich, the Persian Gulf, rolling yellow sand, making progress in the snow and ice, the other side of the vast ocean, doing business opportunities, everything needed to enter the peak of the industrial age, and the first formation of the world pole.
Fortunately, the world is by no means black.
Gorgeous fireworks keep blooming in the air, making Logan seem to have returned to the battlefield. In the past 30 months, he has been bathed in the magnificent war, experienced death in the rain of bullets, felt the value of friendship in the bloody battle, and realized the sublimation of his personal will in twists and turns. Everything is so dreamy.
"Today may be the best day of our lives" whispered my darling.
Smelling the fragrance of Avril Lavigne, Logan unconsciously hummed "I’m from heaven", a short ballad that paratroopers love very much. It has an impassioned melody and tells the fear of a paratrooper who is about to go to the front, but at the end it shows people’s attachment to life and nostalgia for their families. The team is returning home from the eastern front with proud steps, and the steps of abolishing the army have been prepared by these war feats. The generous rewards will calm the sadness of parting to the maximum extent. The officers and men will find a new life in their bloody battles to seize land or spend the rest of their lives in a quiet town-with the downsizing of the army and more modern thinking, the new weapons will increase or decrease the overall combat effectiveness of the army, and these beautiful plans will be slowly displayed in their own hands like beautiful scrolls.
Every time I think about it, Logan is so excited that he can hardly sleep at night.
Although the joy of victory is intoxicating, Logan did not ignore some details at this time. How much loyalty and fanaticism can he find in the spectacular parade? People may prefer to regard this as a victory of war and democracy rather than a victory of a certain party. The banner of defending the Constitution and abiding by the Constitution has a greater appeal in a specific period. When peace lasts for a long time, people will be eager for new changes, such as "establishing a status of a big country with matching military strength" advocated by the Germanic Union, and even the "public welfare" advocated by the Social Democratic Party will become very attractive in a few years. Fortunately, the future is like a white scroll, and those who are gorgeous and have a comparable initiative.
Chapter 13 Empire Outline
Chapter 1o3 Empire Outline
The thick autumn breath shines on the small table and the man sitting at the small table through the clear window glass. He is gray and looks less than forty years old, but he is very tall and has baldness.
"A glass of’ Lisa’"
Say "no guest" and sit directly opposite the man. There seems to be a lot of places by the window. The man curiously looked up and saw a face that was no stranger. The students cast great curious eyes around him.
"Dear Prime Minister, you …"
The winner of "Long time no see, Mr. speer" doesn’t have a high profile in his expression. Logan’s smile is more like this pleasant weather-or just like the waiter bringing the special coffee as soon as possible.
"Er, it’s been a long time." Albert speer hesitantly closed the black hard-shell cover and wrote "Social Architecture"
Logan casually took a sip of coffee and looked at it and said, "It’s very meaningful. I just saw it the other day and it was very good."
"Oh" speer touched the casual open collar and suddenly remembered something rare and smiled and said, "Oh, congratulations …"
"I didn’t come here because I didn’t want to hear compliments," Rogenmen said at the sight of the mountain. "I sincerely invite you to come to Dange, the only deputy prime minister."
Speer had an unexpected reaction. He looked at Logan stupefied. "What does the Prime Minister think I can win such an important position?"
"Intuition and judgment" Logan is still smiling. There are historical things that he can say in the form of personal inference. Otherwise, people would have thrown him into the madhouse as crazy.
Seeing that speer didn’t respond to him for a moment, he asked, "Why doesn’t Mr. Wang have confidence?"
Speer shook his head. "To tell you the truth, I’d rather be an ordinary craftsman so that I can live easily without any burden to be a deputy prime minister. I really have no bottom in my heart."
"Teaching artisan, there is no burden? Failure to teach students well is the life of others; It’s someone else’s temporary delay when the country is not well managed ―― from this point of view, it seems that managing the country is not so heavy a burden. "Rogan joked and then he put away his laughter and seriously explained that" when the former deputy prime minister was in charge of industrial production, the current gentleman made a plan to co-ordinate the arms production period, which could greatly improve the production efficiency. At that time, he felt amazing. Think again about the construction of aviation facilities organized by Mr. Wang before the Battle of Britain. Without these foundations, it would be difficult for us to defeat the British. "
I don’t know if I was moved by these words or if I didn’t give up my political ideal. speer rose resolutely. "No leader has ever been willing to personally invite ordinary teachers to take important positions again and again, and I am willing to dedicate my own department because of this."
"Mr. Wang’s ability will definitely benefit the people and the country." After that, Logan solemnly extended his right hand to his new partner-with speer’s help, he believed that those who were hiding in the dark and waiting to see themselves make a fool of themselves would be disappointed.
The hundreds of kilometers from Berlin to Kiel seems to be the distance from planning to implementation. At the German naval command, Rogan carefully reviewed the specific implementation of the naval shipbuilding plan and inspected the ships being built at the Germania shipyard. He soon found that the order of naval ship construction was somewhat adjusted compared with the plan approved by the government and Congress, especially the submarine construction was delayed and reduced. The navy originally planned to build 60 submarines in 1942, and 54 were completed in that year. In November, the actual work was only. Thirty-three ships were completed, and 25 ships were completed. Therefore, he will summon the main leaders of the shipbuilding plan-the commander-in-chief of the navy, Gunter Guze Admiral of the fleet, and the chief of staff of the navy, Helms Haye, together with Carl Deng Nici, commander of the aggrieved and unwilling submarine fleet.
"Large warships take precedence over small ships, aircraft carriers take precedence over battleships. This is indeed a principle when we revised the shipbuilding plan. The main reason for this arrangement is to consider the existing conditions of our German navy, the strategic objectives and the situation of potential competitors. There is no doubt that large warships are still the absolute core of the navy, but their high cost, personnel and technical requirements greatly limit their construction quantity. Please imagine that we will send a battleship to carry out reconnaissance and patrol or go deep into regional wars threatened by mines and submarines. In the future, in some low-intensity wars such as colonial rebellion, there is no need for us to move battleships and aircraft carriers. In this case, destroyers and submarines are relatively small. Light ships with relatively low cost but long battery life are very real. "Say that finish, these Logan carefully observed the reaction of these naval generals. In view of the many disadvantages caused by Hitler’s monopolization of military and political affairs in that year, the new constitution requires that the Prime Minister should not directly interfere in specific military decisions. However, when personal prestige constitution is slightly rubbed, people sometimes tend to turn a blind eye. At first glance, Logan took off his army when he ascended the throne of the Prime Minister. Even so, because of his long-term strategic judgment, he not only did not cut military support, but greatly improved the treatment of retired military personnel. Most military generals trusted and supported their new Prime Minister.
"Dear Prime Minister, it is necessary for me to explain briefly here." The old Gunter Guze said calmly, "We reduced the number of submarines mainly because of the changes in the German naval war. When our potential competitors are mainly the United States, Japan and Italy, if the naval war was born in the vast Atlantic Ocean or the distant Indian Ocean, the battleships and aircraft carriers will be the absolute main force with slow navigation and limited single-boat control range, and submarines can play a very secondary role; If the war was born in the Mediterranean, our planes deployed in southern Europe and North Africa would make Italians afraid to go out to sea, and it is obviously more practical to attack submarines in the middle and short range than ocean-going submarines, so it is not so urgent and necessary to build advanced ocean-going submarines. Do you think it makes sense? "
In order to maintain a relatively relaxed discussion atmosphere, Logan nodded first and then turned to Deng Nici. "Can I listen to the thoughts of the general commander of the submarine force?"
Of course, Deng Nici doesn’t know that he is still "relegated" to the end of the navy because the new prime minister has changed the original process of history, and from the overall perspective, it is better for the German submarine force to be delayed than to be alone.
Seeing that Deng Nici stood up and said, "It is true that our submarine’s record in this war is not as amazing as the last one, but we still sank the British aircraft carrier in a record and played an important role in blocking the British land war. The strategic goal of the German navy has changed from breaking the war to protecting the national sea route and fighting the enemy’s main fleet. However, judging from the trend of submarine technology exhibition, this weapon is still quite large in the future war."
The word "good war" is a good word. Logan gave fresh support to Deng Nici’s opinion. Then he analyzed his own best technique. "Thirty years ago, few people could judge that the aircraft carrier would change from an ugly duckling to a swan. From 1912 to 1942, the submarine grew up from small to large. From weak to strong, the degree of technological progress is not inferior to that of aircraft carrier. It is said that after 30 years, its strategy will probably be greater than what we can imagine today. At present, submarines can have up to 24 sea routes and 10 water-saving flights, but I believe that this number will increase greatly in the near future, and with the continuous progress of radar and rocket technology, the control range and control power of a single submarine will increase greatly. Their concealment will be comparable to that of other ships. In my personal opinion, which country gives up the aircraft carrier exhibition is equivalent to giving up the future control of the ocean and which country gives up the submarine exhibition, which will give up the aggressive revenge of the ocean
"Dare to ask the prime minister cabinet" aggressive? Also called revenge? " Gunterguze seemed puzzled. It was already quite difficult for the navy veteran to accept the cybernetics of aircraft carriers. It is also not an easy task for him to fully understand the submarine exhibition.
"For example, one day in the future, Germany and the United States suddenly have a dispute. According to the normal deployment and rotation ratio, 10 submarines in the German navy are deployed in the western Atlantic, and these 10 submarines equipped with long-range attack weapons can threaten the coastal targets of the United States at the first time, which makes the US government lose the mouse more than panic in the coastal areas of the United States. This is aggression. If one day we are suddenly attacked by the United States, weapons of mass destruction will be deployed in soil and other six areas, and long-range weapons will be damaged. Bad and legal counter-attack: some submarines deployed in various parts of the ocean have escaped the first round of attack by virtue of their concealment. In this case, these submarines can still strike American targets with weapons of mass destruction as soon as possible. This is retaliation. Without these advanced submarines, it will be wasted when the aircraft carrier or battleship enters the attack area from the cruise area at the initial stage, but when the main fleet appears in the western Atlantic, the United States * * The team is likely to be fully prepared for the battle. "Logan explained the language as easily as possible. Finally, he added," It is possible for you to deploy submarines in the enemy’s offshore for a long time because of their concealment, but surface ships such as aircraft carriers and battleships can’t do it. "
"So the so-called weapons of mass destruction …" Marshal Furusawa stubbornly pressed up.
Logan explained simply, "You may have heard about our ongoing purgatory plan. This is not an exaggeration, but it is true. Physicists have long proved in theory that weapons of mass destruction can destroy a city the size of an ordinary bomb. Please forgive me for revealing more here, but the weapons technology exhibition really has the imagination of ordinary people."
So Marshal Furusawa reluctantly expressed his understanding.
Haye, the chief of staff of the navy with active thinking, is more willing to study and accept new technologies and new ideas. He then asked Logan about the idea of submarine’s "aggression" and "retaliation" at the operational level, and he got a satisfactory answer. He devoted himself to studying submarine technology and tactics. Deng Nici naturally felt like he had got a golden key to the temple, and he couldn’t wait to talk with Logan about submarine strategy and exhibition in a deeper way.
"Well, the Prime Minister of the government cabinet should not know too much about the military affairs." Logan skillfully "understood" himself just qualitatively, and the three senior naval generals present were obviously unwilling to pierce this window paper.
"After all, what new progress has been made in the Pacific War?" When Logan asked this question, he looked at Helms Haye, the chief of staff of the navy. They had had experience together earlier and got along well in private. Moreover, most of the senior naval generals are close to or have reached retirement age, and Haiye is the most expected one.
Marshal Furusawa’s new prime minister was asking himself, and the commander-in-chief of the navy replied without hesitation, "Oh, it’s not the same as the old one. The US navy has an advantage in overall strength, but the psychological burden may be heavier. It’s very cautious to dare to come to a Jutland Armageddon step by step; The Japanese navy, with a slightly inferior strength, hopes to accomplish its task in one battle. The main force of its joint fleet is as elusive as a ghost, but the main warships are usually tied together and rarely dispersed. I think their war is difficult to achieve results in the short term. "
When Marshal Furusawa made no comment on Rogan’s analysis, Haye smiled and asked Rogan questioningly, "I heard that the Japanese government intends to buy capital ships and submarines from the Italians and it is a spot gold transaction?"
Rogan shook his head. "Since the war, the Japanese have indeed plundered a lot of gold and silver treasures from those Asian countries that have been invaded. It is more than enough to take out some of them or buy or build a few powerful large ships. But Rome, fearing that her dominant position in the Mediterranean is not reliable, can’t wait to add more battleships and submarines. Where is the navy baby willing to exchange gold with the Japanese? I heard that Mussolini was going to take out Italy’s most advanced ship technical drawings to trade with the Japanese. Unfortunately, the Japanese couldn’t see it at all. "
"Interesting. This is really interesting." Haye applauded. "If the US government can pay the price, we will organize an elite ocean fleet to go to East Africa and the southern Indian Ocean, and we will be sure to scare the Japanese government into handing over the previously occupied British and French colonies."