"Well, the wedding won’t be a honeymoon for the time being. After that, I must give you a grand wedding that will make Xinghai women envy that."

Ye Ran despised it. Money is sex!
Have an excellent night’s sleep
The next morning, Ye Ran woke up and rubbed her hair by herself. She deeply felt that her sleep was getting better and better recently, and she couldn’t help it. When Gu Lengchen got up, she didn’t hear anything.
There is a stack of light purple casual clothes on the bedside with a set of exquisite ladies’ clothes.
Ye Ran smiled softly. This man is quite careful. He really doesn’t need to wear a coat here.
Wash up and slowly look at yourself in front of the mirror by the door. Your face is pink and tender, just like a twenty-year-old girl.
Twist your waist and don’t talk to yourself "Hum! I’m like this. When I’m old, I’m older. Mothers really can’t talk. "
Pat on the cheek from gracefully pushing the door, the warm wind blows against my face, and the green color brings her a happy mood.
"I really want to live here all the time. It’s so nice."
"If you want to get pregnant, I’ll push the job to my dad to accompany you here to raise a baby."
There was a magnetic male voice behind her, and then she said unhurriedly
Pregnant again. What’s wrong with him? Why are you staring at it?
"Forget it. I didn’t deliberately use contraception. Don’t blame me?"
"Well, it’s enough for you to promise me not to reject them." Gu Lengchen thought that she was willing to give birth to their baby.
The cruel heart must also make her live, because the baby is their love witness and the best gift given by heaven, and he wants this beautiful gift.
Ye Ran roll his eyes. Every time he is in a good mood, he has to say something to stimulate her and spoil the fun.
"Don’t you mean to take me to the suspension bridge?"
"After breakfast, go to the restaurant and get ready for us to go."
Gu Lengchen went ahead to lead the way and took her by the wrist.
As the word suspension bridge means, people hanging on the side of the lake walk over and stagger.
Ye Ran took out her mobile phone on the bridge deck and asked Gu Lengchen to take photos for her. Last night, the circle of friends was blown up. Everyone asked her if she had a boyfriend. Who is this man?
Only Gu Ya teased and commented, "Well, you are more handsome than my brother. Are you cheating?"
Section 93
I kept the photos in Ye Ran, but she didn’t reply to any questions from a group of people.
Suspense will not be interesting until the final announcement.
Cross the suspension bridge and officially come to the thrilling link bungee jumping.
Ye Ran looked at the ground equipment and backed out. "Forget it, I have never played."
"If you haven’t experienced it, you have to experience it. I hold you. Let’s try the moment of danger together."
Gu Lengchen pulled a meaningful smile to let the administrator waist rope in Ye Ran.
Ye Ran’s hand to cooperate since come out to have fun.
But when she landed, she was blindsided because Gu Lengchen was naked and had no other protective rope except clothes.
"Don’t you want to play?" She asked
"Remember to send me if you can’t hold on for a while," he replied.
Ye Ran frown didn’t ask why Gu Lengchen put his hands around her waist and two people were pushed by the guardrail side administrator.
"Ah …!" Ye Ran shouted that they landed in a straight line and the wind was whispering in their ears.
Ye Ran can’t say what it feels like. Her brain is drifting and her body is falling at a high speed. She dare not open her eyes and look down on ten thousand meters.
Gu Lengchen gently said a sentence "am I heavy? Can you bear it? "
The sound is extremely lobular and can be heard clearly.
She hugged him tightly and shouted, "Crazy, you crazy, playing games with your life."
"I said that if you can’t support it, let it go." Gu Lengchen smiled with a calm voice.
"Crazy, you are crazy." Ye Ran held him tighter in fear.
The arm is slightly sore, and the weight of other parts is placed on her, and she holds it with all her strength.
The rope went back and forth five times, and when Ye Ran shook his head, he was finally hoisted back by the administrator.
Back to the ground, she knelt directly on the floor and covered her chest with retching.
She vowed never to play such exciting activities again in her life.
Aside Gu Lengchen was full of elegant smiles. He twisted a bottle of mineral water and handed it to Ye Ran to let her rinse her mouth.
Ye Ran didn’t good the spirit directly gave him a slap and knocked off the bottle of water.
Gu Lengchen leng one and then continue to keep smiling.
Ye Ran was short of breath. She suddenly got up and kicked and vented her anger at Gu Lengchen.
"You scared me to death. You know I’m not physically strong, so you train me like this. What should I tell my family if we can’t support you from falling off a height?"
At some point, he threw himself into Gu Lengchen’s arms and cried.
"I believe you won’t."