"Maybe Hertha will have to avoid relegation this season, but this season they may not be as lucky as last season …"

In the media questioning, the new season finally came to everyone.
The first round of the league is about to start.
Chapter 19 Crazy with me!
Hertha’s outstanding performance in the warm-up match and your new aid performance have given Hertha fans confidence and aroused their interest.
And Hertha Local Life reported that the sales of these news opportunities were bullish and gradually became the most influential local media in Hertha.
Other local media in Hertha can’t sit still.
They have found Chang Sheng in succession, hoping to get an interview.
Changsheng hopes to see this scene.
Those arrogant reporters finally bowed their heads before him one by one.
This is just the local media in Hertha.
He agreed to these media interview requests, but he also asked these media not to speak ill of him and the team and not to make trouble for him.
The media naturally promised.
Changsheng really doesn’t believe in these unscrupulous media. They won’t help the team everywhere just because they are local media.
You know, Marca, the mouthpiece of Real Madrid, often does things that make things difficult for Real Madrid. Their motives and mentality are really hard to understand.
Changsheng doesn’t want his media to stab him in the back.
In this way, the most obvious and intuitive change since Changsheng allowed more and more local Hertha media to join the reporting team can be seen from the weekly routine press conference.
There are two reporters.
Then there were three, four, five and six.
By the end of the season, there was already a reporter from different media.
Hertha’s press conference looks like such a thing.
"Hertha Local Life" Carlos Mediano is not worried that he will lose his advantage. First of all, they have already occupied a large number of markets due to jet lag. Secondly, he and Changsheng are the first to come out to support the winning practice. They can still get a lot of exclusive interviews, such as interviews with team players or giving them.
And he also knows that Hertha’s press conference can’t always be attended by two journalists. In the future, those journalists will certainly bow their heads, but they are different from themselves. They are all forced to surrender and they are active insurgents. Can this be the same?
Regular press conference before the first game of the new season
As usual, Changsheng asked Manuel Garcia to attend the press conference.
This is the case in pre-season training, except for the news conference to introduce new players, all other rational news conferences are presided over by coach Manuel Garcia.
Manuel Garcia is also used to it.
From the most two reporters to the present, there is a reporter who is watching more and more people in the news room.
He also knows that those reporters are bowing their heads one by one in front of winning!
The China man finally defeated the media …
If he were in the season, he would think it was incredible, but he wouldn’t be surprised after spending a long time with Changsheng.
Compared with leading Hertha to avoid relegation at that time, what is it to let reporters bow their heads?
Manuel Garcia was not as nervous as he was when he first attended the press conference.
Nowadays, he is also very handy in dealing with journalists. If he didn’t know that others would know, he would be the head coach of this team.
But such a person can’t be in
Nowadays, everyone in Getafe knows that Head Coach Hertha is a young man with special character in China.
He dared to fight with the players on the first day; He dares to do the right thing with the city media and fans, and he wants to pull a so-called genius; He dares to put all the main players who despise him in the cold, and there is no room for manoeuvre; If he dares to go against the crown king media, he will ban them …
He has done so many things that others can’t even think about. Who else doesn’t know who he is?
On September 2nd, 2002, the first round of the 221-season Spanish Football League II kicked off.
Hertha’s first game was at home, and their opponent was Cordoba, who was in the middle of the season.
The first game of the new season is at home again. Because of the excellent performance of the team in the final stage of the season, many Hertha fans are now coming to the scene to support the team.
After a long summer, the fans have regained their vitality.