Then Wudang’s young man didn’t believe in evil and single-handedly investigated Yu Laosan’s disability puzzle, only to find that he was first played by Cheng Kun with shit in his crotch and couldn’t say it, and then he was taught by Xie Xun, the golden lion king, to walk away from the island of ice and fire for ten years. Since then, he has never been business-oriented. Nuo Nuo was bullied by others and bullied his wife and children-

In addition, there are Song Yuanqiao, Yin Liting, and Mo Gu, who are evil men, and so on. This is a true portrayal of tragedy, which makes them cry.
"It’s not that his legacy is not powerful, but that the enemy is too insidious! Song Boss, Song Boss, can you do it? " It is seeing Song Yuanqiao take the initiative to bear the responsibility of Zhang Sanfeng, and then he didn’t cheep his mouth and urged them to hurry to the mountain …
At the same time, the Longmen Escort Agency, a team of about three escorts in Wudang Mountain Foot, finally appeared to escort a carriage to the foot of the mountain. At the first big man’s command, he carried a golden carp escort flag to prepare for the mountain.
This big fellow is Dou Dajin, the chief escort of Longmen Escort Agency in Lin ‘an Prefecture. At this time, he was entrusted by Yin Susu of Tianying Sect to escort seriously injured Yu Daiyan back to Wudang.
Who knows that as soon as I arrived in Dou Dajin, I heard the hooves ringing in the West Shoushan Road. Soon, three horses were galloping while riding three Huang Guan white-robed Taoist priests dressed up and stood in front of the Longmen Escort Company. It was a cold eye and no conversation.
Dou Dajin frowned but didn’t say anything about flattery. He went to fuels and asked, "In the Longmen Escort Agency in Lin ‘an, Dou Dajin didn’t dare to ask Ge Gao’s name?"
"Wudang Song Yuanqiao!" On the first Taoist bash elbows a vertical hurriedly fuels asked "dare to ask car but my third brother Yu Daiyan? !”
"I accept the escort and never ask about the dart!" Dou Dajin had doubts in his heart, but his face didn’t show itself. He replied to himself and waved his hand to the mountain, but he was stopped by the self-proclaimed Song Yuanqiao.
Later, one of the slightly younger Taoist priests came to pull open the curtain and looked at the car for a few times. Yu Daiyan put the curtain back and said, "It’s the third brother!"
"How is the third brother?"
"It seems that the injury is very heavy!"
"That must not be delayed!" Claiming to be a Taoist priest in Song Yuanqiao, he bowed his hand and said, "My third brother, Song Yuanqiao, was escorted by the chief escort. I thanked him here! However, my third brother is seriously injured. Can we take him back for treatment? "
"I am entrusted to hand over people to wu-tang clan. How can I refuse Song Daxia!" Although Dou Dajin was puzzled in his heart, he also agreed to the "Song Yuanqiao" request when he saw that these people were dressed and behaved in front of him.
"Hum, what a bunch of stupid pigs!" The Taoist priest who claimed to be "Song Yuanqiao" cursed himself with a slight curl of his mouth, so that the younger brother who pretended to be "Wudang’s second child" took the cart and was about to rush to the northwest when he suddenly heard a whistle, and then six people wearing Wudang robes blocked the way.
"Ahem, I opened this mountain, and I planted this tree. I want to think about this road and stay here to buy money! Hey, hey, stay and buy road money ~ "
A young Taoist priest in the six-person residence shook his head and sang bandits’ tune, which made Longmen Escort Agency people look stupid, but the three Taoist priests looked on coldly.
"Who are you? !” The Taoist priest who calls himself "Song Yuanqiao" asked coldly.
"Pop!" The young Taoist clapped his hands and then stretched one arm and pointed forward. "Guys, tell it!"
"Wudang Song Yuanqiao!"
"Wudang Yu Lianzhou!"
"Wudang Zhangsongxi!"
"Wudang … Hey, Brother Wu, it’s your turn!" Next to the young monk low wake up way
"Uh-oh sorry! In Wudang Zhang Cuishan! !” The young Taoist priest in the middle turned red and gave his name with a smile, but it was through the plot world that he was right!
"Wudang Yin Liting!"
"Wudang Mogu! !” When the youngest Taoist finished reporting his name, what was the personnel department of Longmen Escort Bureau dumbfounded? They are the seven chivalrous men of Wudang, and those three were …
"Xuan Ming two donkeys crane ~ pen Weng, deer stick ~ guest and who are you?" It is recognized that the two old actors in "Eternal Dragon Slayer" put their eyes on the last person who faked the Wudang Seven Heroes and asked
"Hum, it’s good to say that Wudang Zhang Cuishan is also!" The last person replied sarcastically, although his true identity was punctured, he still sneered and stopped talking.
"ah? What’s going on here? Where are the two waves of Wudang Seven Heroes? " Shi Wangzhu, the head of Longmen Escort Agency, looked back confused and asked
"Talk less, look before you act." Dou Dajin was suspicious of Hebiweng pretending to be Song Yuanqiao. At this moment, when he saw the main appearance, there were several people who were true and false at a glance!
But he still has a little doubt, that is, Zhang Cuishan, the so-called silver hook and iron painting Wudang Five chivalrous man, is such a thing? ?
"Hum, I didn’t expect that the famous Wudang Seven Chivalrous Men in the Jianghu were also boasting, which surprised me."
Seeing that the deer staff was surrounded by the Wudang Six Heroes at this time, he knew that his plan was exposed, so he didn’t continue to pretend to be in his mind and listened to his scolding himself. The donkey implied anger in his heart.
But now, seeing the famous Six Heroes of Wudang, although he relies on the natural enemy of the mysterious gods, the deer staff can’t underestimate him, so he gives his younger brother He Biweng a wink and waits for an opportunity to escape.
"More unexpected is yet to come!" It is skimming the pie mouth, pointing to the crane pen Weng deer staff three people said "brothers! Don’t talk about Jianghu morality against this kind of devil. Let’s do it together! !”
"…" Song Yuanqiao several people smell speech face a stiff heart said you property will pull tiger skin in the name of in addition to the magic Wei Dao Weiou enemy even if it flows out to outsiders in the future also hard to what!
It is said that Zhang Songxi’s sharp eyes saw that the carriage really smelled like a living person, and his heart believed in its positive words for six points, so he shouted, "The fifth brother said that we should save Brother Yu first!"
With that, Zhang Songxi grabbed a long sword and played Wudang swordsmanship and stabbed the deer staff. When the other four people saw that Zhang Laosi had made moves, they no longer raised their weapons to besiege the mysterious parents and Ah San.
"crackling" and "crackling"
It is said that among the seven chivalrous men in Wudang, five have the highest martial arts, and Yu Lianzhou fights the deer staff alone, while Master Song Yuanqiao has the intention to fight the crane pen Weng alone, but it didn’t take long for him to know that he was a big man-
Although the other side’s skill is similar, the cold air spewing out of the palm of his hand made Song Yuanqiao very afraid, so he fell into a passive Zhang Songxi teamed up with the enemy.
On the other side, Yin Liting Mogu besieged Ah San, three men, sword to sword, and it was like a gesture of winning or losing without a hundred tricks.
"Tut tut, you look at your brothers who are touted by Jianghu idlers on weekdays. This is current! "
Just as he shook his head and quickly came to the front of the carriage and opened the curtain, he saw a strong man in a blue robe lying inside, his face yellow and his breath weak, and his life would soon be like this.
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