As soon as blood and calligraphy and painting came into contact, Chen Zairan carried the method of refining and refining. Suddenly, this pair of calligraphy and painting suddenly shook and made a ripple.

And the JingXie he spewed out seemed to swallow it up, and slowly fused the golden light on the calligraphy and painting into a part of JingXie. And from low to high, gradually spread upward. Just for a moment. I dyed the huge calligraphy and painting, the bottom tenth part, into blood red.
Just as he was concentrating on refining, he only heard "Hula!" As soon as it rang, there was a sound of surprises. However, it was the magic beggar who stole the gods, and the second one came to the position of calligraphy and painting in the town government.
Seeing that Chen Zai was already refining, the Magic Beggar stole the gods, and immediately stopped being polite. He waved his hand with one hand, the size of an egg, and it was dark all over, and also emitted a strong and foul-smelling projectile, and went straight to the other side.
Projectile castration is extraordinary, especially it contains an extremely horrible breath, which is breathtaking. Even the hall has become deeply haunted and the evil wind is bleak. If it hits, I can’t imagine what the consequences will be!
In this environment, of course, Chen zai will pay attention to the movements around him, so he immediately became abnormal.
And because the monk who started the door had not had time to come at this moment, he had to slow down the refining, and his wrist suddenly turned. I saw a green and green character seal, with a whoosh, like an incoming projectile, heading away.
And the monk who is coming here. Seeing that Chen was in danger, his face changed in vain, and he gave a few roars. At once, some magic weapons stopped at the projectile, while the other magic weapons pointed at the demon beggar stealing the gods.
When the magic beggar stole the gods, he flashed a sneer in his eyes. On the one hand, he also "sloped" and spit out a mouthful of Jingxue on the calligraphy and painting of the town government. On the other hand, he suddenly pinched out a magic tactic in the direction of the projectile.
I saw that Chen Zaichu’s character seal and the projectile were not in contact, and the projectile exploded, and a piece of black fog and blood burst out in all directions.
Wherever the blood went, the sound of ghosts crying and wolves howling suddenly sounded, and all the magic weapons in contact with it were sealed. Immediately "before. , but also emitted white smoke thugs, but it was polluted.
And there are some monks who have already arrived at the calligraphy and painting office of the town government, and they are also caught off guard. By sudden blood from all directions. Hit the magic weapon of defense and the mysterious light of protection.
But for a moment, these people’s defense magic weapon and protector Xuanguang gave a moan, and the light dissipated. Five or six monks who had not had time to offer the defense magic weapon again were immediately hit by blood.
And then only had time to scream. Their flesh and blood are under their own noses. It turned into blood, but in a flash, there was not even a bone left.
Seeing that the blood was so powerful, all the monks were startled and quickly shot back. Avoid the attack range of blood first.
When Chen saw that some blood was attacking him, he couldn’t help but frown, and looked at the demon beggar stealing God in a gloomy way.
However, he didn’t give up refining and left. Instead, he suddenly spit out a piece of glow and a bronze oil lamp, and he was sacrificed on his head.
This bronze oil lamp is the size of a wine bottle, with a simple shape, three feet and an octagon, which are scattered in all directions. There is a dragon and phoenix beast head engraved on the corner of each side, and each beast head has a red bead the size of a soybean in its mouth, which makes a tinkling sound from time to time, which is extremely pleasing to the ear.
The outer wall of the oil lamp is also carved with many flame-shaped textures, which seems to be burning, giving people a hot feeling.
In the middle of the bronze oil lamp, there is a pale flame as big as a bean, and there is no heat. Flash on and off, like a breeze, which will make it go out.
The bronze oil lamp was offered on Chen’s head, and suddenly a pale light curtain came down from the oil lamp flame and enveloped him in it.
When the net finished all this, it was seen that the blood shot by the bullet came from all directions and hit the pale screen of the bronze lamp flame.
Without any noise, the blood network disappeared as soon as it came into contact with the screen, and it was steamed in an instant. The light curtain did not even shake.
"Bronze lamp, all directions flame!" They saw the bronze oil lamp above Chen’s head and the pale flame as big as a bean floating among it. Immediately drew a gasp and exclaimed in a low voice.
Bronze lamps and octagonal flames are all in the first door. The famous Lingbao is rumored to be second only to the acquired Lingbao of Shidimen, the "falling soul bead". Once sacrificed, ghosts and gods are unpredictable.
I didn’t expect that this time, the first door actually let Chen bring it out. After the shock, everyone’s face suddenly became ugly.
It’s also gloomy for the magic beggar to steal the gods. The other party has bronze lamp protection, but he can’t break the defense in a short time. Therefore, he has to give up the attack and concentrate on refining the method of calligraphy and painting in the town government, and start to seize the time with the other party.
"Hum" is at the same time that everyone is surprised. Suddenly a stuffy hum, at the moment when the blood just stopped, just above the town calligraphy and painting, suddenly a black shadow appeared from the void. And without hesitation, with a snort, he spit out a mouthful of jingxie to the calligraphy and painting of the town government and prepared to refine it.
This person turned out to be Uncle Tu.
He had followed Chen in a humble way. Unexpectedly, the magic beggar stole the first step, and immediately shot out a bullet and burst out blood, which made him only use the wind escape technique to escape again, and now he has escaped again.
When the other monks saw it, they all reacted, gave a roar and began to rush in the direction of the town’s calligraphy and painting.
At the same time, all kinds of magic weapons and spells. Fu Zhuan also went to that several catties. The monks who have already started refining rushed to try to stop refining.
Hitman, the first watch)

Chapter two hundred and eighty-nine Chaos
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and eighty-nine Chaos
All the people in the first temple started a fierce scuffle around the "Zhenfu calligraphy and painting".
And those monks scattered in other parts of the fairy mansion have also shown the abnormality here and flew to this tower in succession, including the monks of Nanling Sect and Yangxintang.
He Daoshuang, Ji Jin and others saw that Yang Xiu was here, and they were taken aback. They took their five sects of monks and flew to Yang Xiu.
"Yang teacher younger brother, what brings you here? We don’t see you anymore, and we thought something had happened. " He Daoshuang looked at Yang Xiu, his eyes flashed off and he said first.
"Yes, but what is this place? And what is that calligraphy and painting? " File "to look at the tower, looking at the people around the painting fight, a pair of if so. Very not hide to ask Yang Xiu the key points.
At this time, on the calligraphy and painting of the town government, there was already Chen Zai, a demon beggar stealing gods, a butcher uncle and a piano teacher. Ouyang Bowen and so on, nearly ten monks, spewed out their respective JingXie, and refined this magic weapon of the town government at the same time.
So now the calligraphy and painting Bi has been covered with all kinds of JingXie, and the golden fonts circulating on the calligraphy and painting have also been covered by green light. As a result, monks who arrived later, such as Nanling School, simply didn’t know what this calligraphy and painting was.
But there is nothing to hide, and it will be known by others sooner or later, so Yang Xiu told all these unimportant things.
He Daoshuang and others were dumbfounded when they heard that this was the magic weapon of the town government. They stared at the calligraphy and painting without blinking, full of fanaticism.
"Since Brother Yang came here first, why not fight for it? Maybe there is also a hope of success?" For a long time, these talents took their eyes away from calligraphy and painting, and they saw the master elder brother Shen Fang, and said to Yang Xiu without regret, and also put on a pity look.
"Yes, Yang Daoyou, it’s a pity this opportunity."
Other monks also shook their heads and sighed, as if the fairy house had already reached their hands, but it was sent out by Yang Xiu.
Yang Xiu smell speech, just a faint smile, said nothing, but in the heart, but for these people, even.
Not to mention that under the competition of so many monks. How hard it will be to win the championship in the end, even if you fight for half your life, but you still have to hand it over to the sect in the end. Is it worth it to fight for a pound of things that are not your own?
Moreover, if you look at the situation of Uncle Tu now, you can know that there is no possibility of success with a catty of villain.
I saw that Uncle Tu not only had to refine the magic weapon of the town government, but also had to bear the attacks of other monks. If it weren’t for his terrible ghost burning, and he used two powerful defensive symbols, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to support it for a moment at all, and he would be blown to pieces by many magic weapons.
Now he can still be on it, because the monks of their celestial corpse sent a good network to catch up from the outside. I blocked all the attacks for him, or else I could see his shadow.
Even so, the piece of JingXie that he refined in calligraphy and painting has been pushed to the corner by all because he lost the opportunity. If there is no accident, the failure is just a matter of time.
Now refining the most, or a few in Chen. About 15% of the total area of calligraphy and painting has been refined.
However, correspondingly, the more attacks there are. Even though his bronze lamp is powerful, and the monks who started the door help to resist it, they are still struggling to cope, so now the progress of refining has begun to stop.
The area of refining followed closely, but it was not the magic beggar who stole the gods!
Although he refined early, he offended most monks because of blood. So how can these people be polite to him now? The attacks were all fierce and malicious, and they were fighting to the death.
And because his Sancai lived in the fairy house, he left other allies and sneaked away alone. Now those sects are of course particularly dissatisfied when they see him, and of course there are many people who fall when they are down. Therefore, it is a little difficult to rely on Sancai to defend him.
Now the area of refining is second only to that of Chenzai. But it’s Ouyang Bowen of the ivory tower. I don’t know how they discussed it. He is refining alone. The ivory tower, the Acacia Sect, and the Thousand-Buddha Temple all resisted the attack for him, so they caught up with Chen Zai without any distraction.
Next, as for Shi Qin, an old monk in Kuyin Temple and a middle-aged Taoist of Xuanji School. The area of refining and chemical industry is almost the same, about 78%.
Therefore, the competition is very fierce.