At noon, Ziyue planned to invite Su Orange to a restaurant for dinner, but when she came to cook, she saw Su Orange and Bai Bing leaving the back together.

Moreover, Su Orange doesn’t look in a good mood after returning to the dormitory, and she still smells of wine. It can be seen that Teacher Bai Bing is still very important in her heart.
But how could she just say it! She doesn’t want to be treated like a narrow-minded girl!
"I was a little worried that hurting Ashley would hurt Mr. Bai Bing’s feelings. Now it seems that the problem is not Ashley."
"What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand? "
"If you help me give this document to Chu Yin sometimes, I have to go to the library."
Sue orange picked up the table and handed a thick copy to Purple Moon.
Purple month in hand looked down at the "time post planning? Yesterday, when the light was on all night, you decided to make this thing? "
Sue orange and Chu Yin together. She knew it. I didn’t expect Sue orange to work so hard!
"It’s not that I slept."
Of course, she wouldn’t say that sleeping is lying on the table for half an hour when she is particularly sleepy.
Purple moon pointed to Su Orange with some dark circles under her eyes. "Panda eyes don’t lie! No, you can’t go anywhere now. Have a good rest. "
"It’s late. It’s too rough to sleep during the day. In a few days, Wulin Family will be on the plane. I still have a lot of information to prepare."
"Does Su Orange have to work so hard?" Purple moon has some nai.
Sue orange smiled "I didn’t feel desperate! Just doing what you like. "
The original fast-food restaurant plan was to collect more information and make it more detailed, but now the crew is also urgent
Going to the crew to do martial arts, body double’s previous idea was to get energy values, but now it’s different. She likes this play very much. Su Zhe is her respected predecessor, and even being body double can’t be careless.
Especially when I learned that Su Zhe’s real identity was female, I was even more surprised.
Let her truly realize that gender is not that important, what is important is to have a heart.
For the first time in sixteen years, Su Orange felt relieved when the powerful soul turned into a woman.
See Sue orange holding a thick stack of go toward outside walk purple month nai shrugged his shoulders really can’t take her!
Suddenly remembered something and stopped Su Orange. "There is a dance on the weekend! I said hello before, but you must attend this time! "
"I’ll take part if I have time."
Is this guy a workaholic?
"it is necessary"
"Well, all right!"
The dormitory door is slammed and closed.
Although I think Su Orange is too strict with herself, I have to admit that the other party’s earnest work is very attractive!
I can see so much in one night and make a quite perfect plan. Does she have any super powers?
Purple month leafing through the planning in my heart can’t help but sigh.
Sue orange took a long breath after leaving the dormitory, but her mood became dignified and tense.
What was that strange feeling just now?
Is that quiet fragrance so familiar?
In my mind, there used to be a large number of lilies in my dream, Yuan Ye, and a mysterious girl with tens of billions of black hair in the middle of the night teaching building bell tower …
How can all these things be connected if they are not related?
Su orange smiled wryly, but it is better to keep some distance from Ziyue. It is not a good thing for a man to have both bullying and clingy characteristics at the same time.
In the library
Su Orange put the catering management class borrowed yesterday back on the shelf to find and check the martial arts and film and television performances.
Cherry Blue College Library is different from other public colleges.
In the library, the Ministry of Industry leaves it to the students to manage the lending and returning by themselves. You don’t need to register and put it back on the shelf after reading it.
Because the zoning is clearly marked and there is a guiding system, it will be very fast and convenient to find a certain category.
You need to enter a name or similar category to show it in the system. Each partition has a brain search platform, so you don’t have to worry about searching like a headless fly in many stands.
As Huahuo said, the library of Sakura Blue University is very rich, and some of them don’t even have the National Library.
However, the students here are very conscious that there is no monitoring situation and there has been no loss of maps.
Probably because of the strong teachers in aristocratic colleges and schools, students here are also well-off and won’t do anything to steal books.
It is not wise to humiliate the whole family or be expelled from school for a little profit.
Sue orange has chosen her membership and is planning to go to the reading area to display the mobile phone information.
Sue orange is busy putting it on a nearby rack and taking out her mobile phone to mute it.
The library is a public place, so naturally it can’t answer the phone and there is too much noise.
When I first came here, I forgot to turn off the mute first, which made Su Orange feel a little sorry. Fortunately, Sili people and she habitually set the volume of her mobile phone lower.
The pop-up information turned out to be sent by fans of the live broadcast platform Suyou! Who could it be?
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Avengers
Su orange successfully played live broadcast software. During this period, few people sent her private messages after Su pomelo stopped broadcasting.
The word "flower protector" makes Su Orange involuntarily vigilant!
Is this guy still alive! He is the only lucky one? !
These days, she has been paying attention to this matter because she has no clue, and now the other party suddenly appears and sends a message. How can Su Orange not be shocked and excited?
Some information hands actually trembled slightly.
The escort "wants to know the truth. See you at the usual place at twelve o’clock tonight!"
Su orange heart almost stopped beating for a few seconds!
It’s this guy!
It seems as if she had guessed ―― she can’t miss the chance to know the truth if there is an emissary behind the scenes!
The old place must be the park!
Su orange horse replied with a word, good!
The escort sent a message again. You are not allowed to bring anyone else, let alone call the police, or you will never know the truth.