Seeing the inevitable, Chu Yifeng took the sword in both hands and injected it into it, turning it into the force of lightning. Seeing the black ball coming, he slashed it.

The black ball of light is the purest energy condensed by Gu Tianpeng, and it was cut by Chu Yifeng’s spiritual sword full of thunder and lightning, which suddenly exploded.
After the explosion, Chu Yifeng was overturned and tumbled in the air for more than a dozen times, then fell down. The hard rock was smashed out of a big hole by him.
Feng Qian Shan looked at Chu Yifeng with a dignified face and a frown, while Gu Mingxia looked at Feng Qian Shan with some proud eyes.
"Hey …" Gu Tianpeng sepulchral smile, although he is now some asthma body really yuan consumed seventy percent, but see ChuYiFeng killed by himself, he finally felt out of breath. "See if you die. This is robbing me-"
Gu Tianpeng’s smug words haven’t finished yet, only to see Chu Yifeng struggling out of the pit and spitting as he walked, as if he was covered in dust.
"You’re not dead!" Gu Tianpeng’s words turned into shock.
Even Feng Qian Shan and Gu Mingxia, who are far away from the mountain peak, are shocked. Besides, their mood is diametrically opposite. Seeing that Chu Yifeng is not dead, Feng Qian Shan secretly breathed a sigh of relief, while Gu Mingxia is vaguely uneasy.
However, the direct collision between Chu Yifeng and the black ball of light made him realize the taste of yin cold, and the icy feeling entered his arm along the spirit sword. First, it was difficult to express the pain, and then it seemed as if his arm lost consciousness in an instant, and the blood in his body was frozen.
When Chu Yifeng came out of the pit, he saw a layer of black ice condensed on the surface of Lingjia at the arm. Even his chest was sealed with black ice, and a layer of ice was frozen on the top-grade Lingjian, which was like a big popsicle in his hand. If most of the black light balls were not blown off by Thunder, now Chu Yifeng has become an ice sculpture.
Although he suffered some losses, Chu Yifeng understood a truth: why the magic weapon can wield personal truth to the greatest extent? Now Chu Yifeng consumes more than 60% of the real yuan, but the rest of the real yuan can’t wield its function in the body. If you can use one more point of the real yuan just now, Chu Yifeng might be intact and wouldn’t be in such a mess as it is now.
Chu Yifeng slowly runs Zhenyuan Leixiao Shinto Sutra, which transforms Zhenyuan into the power of thunder and lightning, and layers of light are rewound on his arm, and black ice is instantly shattered. Shake the spirit sword and the spirit sword will return to its original state.
"You don’t have the ability to want me to die!" Chu Yifeng said coldly that Jianfeng pointed to Gu Tianpeng. "It’s my turn this time!"
"Ling Dianzhi!" A thick electric dragon was shot at Gu Tianpeng in an instant by the spirit sword.

051 black ice wheel
Just watching Chu Yifeng being blown away by his strongest blow Gu Tianpeng has not had time to be proud of Chu Yifeng, but now he is in danger of being bombarded.
But Gu Tianpeng looked relaxed and seemed to care nothing about Chu Yifeng’s attack. Chu Yifeng frowned slightly in his eyes. He didn’t know what medicine Gu Tianpeng was selling in the gourd, but Chu Yifeng knew that his blow had the power of lightning. It was not easy for Gu Tianpeng to resolve it.
But just as Chu Yifeng’s lightning finger was about to hit Gu Tianpeng, Gu Tianpeng’s hand suddenly had something like a wheel. The wheel was full of black, with a handle in the middle, but it looked like a six-pointed star, and the teeth around the wheel were staggered like fangs, but it also flashed with cold light. See Gu Tianpeng hand holding the wheel to meet the electric dragon.
1 of "bang" Gu Tianpeng just stepped back two steps, but the electric awn pointed out by Lingdian was deflected. Suddenly, stone chips flew on the rock next to the expiration, and a pit bigger than before appeared in people’s sight. Gu Tianpeng, on the other hand, has no loss.
Feng Qian Shan looked at his eyes from a distance and said, "Gu Tang, is that your fairy?"
"Yes, that’s the inferior fairy black ice wheel!" There is a sense of pride in Gu Mingxia’s words. Although it is inferior fairy wares, it is also a very glorious thing for people in the fix-true world to use them.
At this time, Gu Tianpeng was saying to Chu Yifeng, "You are good if someone named Chu can stop that move just now, but don’t think that if you stop it, you can leave Lao Tzu alive. I have more power. Today you must die!"
Said Gu Tianpeng first dropped a Dan medicine into his mouth. He knew that with his real yuan now, he might not be able to destroy the following move, so he took a Dan medicine first to restore some real yuan.
Then Gu Tianpeng threw the black ice wheel into the sky, and at the same time, his hands kept pinching the tactic. With the tactic, he suddenly took up layers of black light and the black fog spread from his side. Finally, Gu Tianpeng was shrouded in black fog.
Then Gu Tianpeng suddenly drank a loud drink, and the black fog around him suddenly rose. All of them flocked to the black ice wheel floating in the sky. Like a whale, the black ice wheel sucked all these black fog in. As the black fog entered the black ice wheel, the black ice wheel began to fly in the sky, and at the same time, it began to flash black light. The black light spread out from the teeth of the black ice wheel to form a cone, which gradually enlarged and covered Chu Yifeng completely below.
Chu Yifeng was armed with a spirit sword and dressed in a spirit armor, but when the black ice wheel broke out with layers of black light, the black light suddenly enveloped Chu Yifeng, and Chu Yifeng wanted to dodge when he wanted to see the black light approaching, but he was surprised that his body was incredibly heavy and moved a hundred times slower than usual. The pressure from the black ice wheel directly oppressed him, making Chu Yifeng feel that his body seemed to carry a mountain.
The black light was completely shrouded, but Chu Yifeng still couldn’t leave the black light, but he also came to the light curtain formed by black light, but now he can’t wear this thin light curtain, which is like an enchantment. When Chu Yifeng handed his hand over, a trace of yin and cold qi went down his arm and Chu Yifeng immediately moved his hand away.
Chu Yifeng is really trapped in the enchantment formed by the black ice wheel. Gu Tianpeng said with a cold smile: "Now you want to leave the Chu family. You just wait to become an ice stick in the enchantment formed by the black ice wheel …"
Then Gu Tianpeng’s hands turned black again, and the six-pointed star of the ice wheel suddenly lit up. Chu Yifeng saw that snowflakes actually floated down from the six-pointed star, but these snowflakes were not beautiful or snowy, but a kind of pure black snow without any impurities.
Chu Yifeng should never let such a black snowflake get close to his body without thinking. Although it is inconvenient to move under the pressure of the black ice wheel, he still raised his left hand and condensed a real yuan to drink: "Lei Guangdun!"
"Hey!" A dense flash of lightning set up a shield formed by the force of lightning in Chu Yifeng’s hand. When those black snowflakes fell on the Leiguangdun, the explosion occurred instantly, but it had no effect on Leiguangdun.
Gu Mingxia and Feng Qian Shan on the distant mountain peak also saw the thunder shield set by Chu Yifeng. Gu Mingxia’s eyes flashed with excitement, but he sneered: "This Chu Gongzi’s means are diverse but he is still vulnerable in the face of absolute power."
"Hum!" This time it was Feng Qian Shan’s turn to be unhappy, so he just heaved a sigh of relief with his nose, but his heart was extremely anxious.
Chu Yifeng saw that the black snowflake couldn’t fall on himself at all, so at that time he didn’t try so hard but looked at Gu Tianpeng bitterly, but Gu Tianpeng’s eyes were still flashing with a crazy look.
Although the snowflakes above Chu Yifeng’s head were blocked, the snowflakes outside LeiGuangDun still fell down. Gu Tianpeng sneered and changed the tactics. The snowflakes that had drifted to Chu Yifeng suddenly rotated like alive, and then all the snowflakes began to gather at Chu Yifeng.
Chu Yifeng’s heart was shocked, and the chill of the whole body instantly spread to the spirit sword of his right hand. He immediately took up an electric CD-ROM drive with black snowflakes coming from close quarters, but the black snowflakes poured in from all directions, so Chu Yifeng’s body surface was quickly covered with black snowflakes. What surprised Chu Yifeng even more was that these snowflakes immediately turned into a small ice crystal after they touched his body, and a large number of snowflakes poured into Chu Yifeng one after another, and then continuously turned into pieces of ice crystals, and finally Chu Yifeng’s body surface was covered with a layer of black ice.
The breath of yin cold permeates the body, and this time it is different from the numbness of the arm but the numbness of the whole body.
Chu Yifeng didn’t dare to neglect to run at once. Suddenly, the surface of the real element flashed a series of tired tiny lightning, crushing all the black ice and regaining consciousness.
But the black snowflakes kept falling as if they would never stop, and then Chu Yifeng’s body was covered with black ice again, and Chu Yifeng smashed the ice again.
Gu Tianpeng kept sending his real yuan into the black ice wheel, while Chu Yifeng kept turning his real yuan into lightning and smashing the ice, which seemed to be a real yuan competition between two people.
However, Chu Yifeng heard a small but very harsh voice when he smashed the ice again.
Chu Yifeng’s spirit armor broke with the black ice on it!
With this gap, the armor on Chu Yifeng’s body is like a burst dam, which can no longer protect Chu Yifeng and begins to turn into pieces.
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052 war wind breaks the wheel
"Ha Chu, your time has come!" Gu Tianpeng saw Chu Yifeng’s body armor pieces smashed, but he was in a good mood and worked harder to destroy the true yuan, which was as pure as ink and poured into the black ice wheel.
After getting the full truth, the black ice wheel began to snow more violently. In the end, it was not just snowflakes, and some hail had begun to be mixed with it.
Without the protection of the spirit armor, Chu Yifeng felt the biting cold, and the black snowflake had already felt the same cold as frozen blood before it reached the body. Before the snowflake condensed into ice crystals and covered in the body, Chu Yifeng didn’t dare to wait for the slightest, but he didn’t feel bad about bombarding the spirit armor with lightning, but he also knew that his body must never touch these black ice again.
However, Chu Yifeng also feels that it is not a way to keep going like this. His real yuan is getting less and less, and the Leiguangdun is also half smaller. It is no longer possible to protect all the above the head. In the process of constantly bombarding the ice, the real yuan is still consuming. If this continues, it will either be frozen into an ice sculpture or shattered like a spirit armor.
"It seems that it is impossible to use the wind gun." Chu Yifeng persisted for a period of time, but if he persisted without a good way, he might even lose the energy to fight back, and finally decided not to keep secrets.
Chu Yifeng’s mind moved, and the lightning burst in the whole body spread around, smashing all the ice around him, and then his left hand struggled to the sky and then instantly recovered it. At this moment, he won a little space. Chu Yifeng took advantage of this opportunity and immediately took out the blue-black battle wind pike from the storage ring.