At this time, Chu Yifeng leisurely returned to Sun Yuyou’s side and said easily: "It’s settled. We have won the best of five games, haven’t we? "

"What you want to say is that five is five, and there is no such thing as three wins in five games. If the other side wins one, the winner can challenge the winner on our side."
"The trouble is endless."
"There is nothing for you below, just watch." Sun Yu said that he ignored Chu Yifeng.
As soon as Chu Yifeng stood still, he leaned over and whispered, "Brother, I’m amazing. Those things are scared when I scream."
"Oh, you are getting better and better. Why haven’t I seen it before?"
"In the past, when I was in Baoshu Valley, I just yelled twice and everything was on the ground. You didn’t see it."
"Ah …" Chu Yifeng touched the panda with a smile on his face.
At this time, the battle between Gongye punishment and Wei Xin, the last master of Nan ‘an Star, has already begun.
Gongye punishment is an expert in sword repair, but because his spiritual sword is closely related to his own cultivation and even his life, Sun Yu-shan did not give him the best spiritual sword, but gave him two pairs of the best spiritual armor. At this time, Gongye punishment was worn on his body with amazing protection.
The sword in the hand of Gongye punishment bursts with brilliant light, shining the whole space with a golden light. The sharp space of the blade seems to be broken at any time. Generally, although it is only cultivated in the fit period, Gongye punishment has the attack power that can only be possessed by the masters of the robbery period.
Wei Xin, the opponent of Gongye punishment, is a standard monk. A robe with a long beard waved his hand and held a handful of gold and silver dust.
If the public punishment is especially sharp attack, then Wei Xin is a strong defense.
When the sword of Gongye punishment struck Wei Xin, he didn’t panic. He shook the dust and said, "Mountain!"
Just look at a seemingly loose mountain that suddenly rises from the ground and flies to the front of Wei Xin. The blade of Gongye punishment only left a deep mark on it, and then it was cut down to the depths, which produced a kind of sound of stone and stone. Obviously, the original ordinary land has changed its nature in the hands of Wei Xin and has the characteristics of metal land.
However, the attack of public punishment will not stop. If one sword can’t be cut, two more swords. Sharp firm but gentle moment cut a mountain riddled with ravines. After ten swords, the mountain was completely cut in half.
Then Gongye’s punishment figure folded through between the two halves to kill Wei Xin. Wei Xin just pinched the tactic lightly. Dashan Xun, who had just been divided into two halves, quickly closed up and immediately squeezed Gongye punishment into the middle.
"bang!" The front of the sword broke through the mountain, but it blocked the forward rush of Gongye punishment. The indomitable momentum was also interrupted.
"Mountain!" Wei Xin vomited two words lightly like chanting, and another earth mountain was pulled up from the ground and crashed into Gongye punishment again.
Gongye punishment didn’t want to waste energy on these mountains and began to hide from the heaped-up mountains, locking the target tightly on Wei Xin.
"Hum!" Wei Xin’s calm face is like an old-fashioned hand kneading tactic in a seat, and he whispered, "India!"
As he spoke, he raised his hand and a huge palm print gushed out from his hand.
"when!" The blade collided with the handprint as if two weapons had collided together, which made people’s eardrums contend.
Wei Xin was knocked back hundreds of meters, and Gongye punishment was also knocked out, but behind him was a heaped-up mountain that had been staring at him for a long time, so he directly crashed into it.
Wei Xin, an old man, said, "Tie and kill!"
A sharp contraction of the heaped-up mountain was really like a mountain, but now it has become like a boulder.
"Ah-"A mournful roar spread out from the mountain, followed by a sword light rising from the top of the boulder and a spiral blade protecting Gongye punishment in the middle, and emerged from the heaped-up mountain like a big drill.
Although left the suppression of heaped-up mountains, the corners of the mouth of Gongye punishment are still faintly hung with a thread of blood. The cassock on the body has already been broken, and the best spiritual armor worn inside has been revealed. After coming out of heaped-up mountains, some breathless people stood there with their eyes fixed on the road like swords.
On the first day of the two men’s confrontation, the punishment of public metallurgy gained the upper hand. Sun Yu’s eyebrows were tightly wrinkled. After watching the game, he couldn’t help but look at his eyes again. Chu Yifeng was annoyed and didn’t know what had happened to Chu Yifeng. Since Chu Yifeng reappeared, he felt that Chu Yifeng was no longer subject to her. At this time, it seems that the two people have completely turned into a cooperative relationship.
And now if
Gongye punishment can’t win. Sun Yu can only pin all his hopes on Chu Yifeng.
Chu Yifeng seemed to know that Sun was watching. He suddenly looked up and smiled at Sun. Sun’s face was red and his head was parted.
"hey!" Chu Yifeng smiled and continued to pay attention to the battle off the field.
At this time, the punishment of fighting again has slowly fallen into the lee, and his attack is really strong. It can also be seen that the veteran is not easy to pinch the tactic, but it is difficult but firmly protects himself.
Such a strong defense forced Gongye punishment to some urgent Gongye punishment fiercely spit out one mouthful blood, and if the sword in his hand was dyed red, it would be crazy to use a sword like a dragon like a sea, and the blade would rise to a height of more than 100 feet. The mountain that was originally cut by ten swords was cut into two halves by his sword, and the earth and stone in the firm but gentle float in the sky collapsed and fell.
Everyone knows that he is working hard when he sees the punishment of Gongye. If he can’t see the work quickly like this, he will be defeated and even killed by the other side because his kung fu is damaged.
And Gongye punishment also knew that time was urgent and immediately took the opportunity to kill Wei Xin’s side. Sword repairers were more suitable for melee, so it seemed that Wei Xin made a big mistake to let Gongye punishment be close to him.
However, Wei Xin still unhurriedly pulled out something from his arms and a huge mirror stood between him and Gongye punishment.
The blood-red sword fern of Gongye punishment was cut into the mirror and instantly melted in. In Gongye punishment, it was still the bloody sword fern that suddenly shot out of the mirror.
Gongye Punishment An unprepared and unconscious man blocked his sword in his chest and only heard a bang. The body of Gongye Punishment was immediately lifted and flew out.
If it weren’t for the protection of Acura Lingjia, Gongye punishment would have been hurt by its own bloody sword, but even so, Gongye punishment was still uncomfortable, and the method of self-destruction due to strong action and powerful attack began to have side effects. When it burst down, the face was a bit red and the momentum was weak.
Wei Xin immediately saw the physical condition of Gongye punishment, and the method of moving two slightly smaller heaped-up mountains was pulled out from under the ground and attacked Gongye punishment with a whirring wind. Under the locked attack of two mountains, Gongye punishment is teetering, although it is still struggling to wield a sword, but the effect is very poor, which can no longer pose too much threat to the heaped-up mountains.
And if he is caught by two heaped-up mountains, the sword of Gongye punishment can’t stand out again.
"Won’t you save him?" Everyone with a discerning eye has already seen that the punishment of public metallurgy has been lost. Chu Yifeng just asked softly without looking at Sun Yu, but he looked at the fallen Li Jieshi. Li Jieshi is still in a coma. It seems that it will take a long time to recover.
"Hum …" I don’t know whether I’m angry or disappointed. Sun Yu gave a long breath with a nasal voice, and his body suddenly appeared beside Gongye punishment, but he had already waved up two water waves and rushed out two heaped-up mountains like a dragon.
Gongye punishment was grateful when he saw Sun Yumou come to save his eyes with a slight red light, but then his body flashed a mouthful of blood that had been suppressed in his chest for a long time and his face suddenly looked sallow.
"Hoo!" A sea of fire suddenly appeared and burned in the past, surrounding Sun Yuyou and Gongye punishment in the base.