"Who is your teacher? ? !”

"On the virtual three jie, China road flyover setting-Li Daoling! !”
Bang, the teacup in Xiao Langzhong’s hand was smashed to pieces! !
"Good boy, you really fooled me. Who doesn’t know that Li Daochang has never been an apprentice in his life? People who want to worship him as a teacher can photograph the capital of summer from here. How can you, a wretched boy, be the apprentice of Li Daochang, a sage-like man? " Xiao Langzhong flew into a rage.
"Don’t get excited, old man. I’m a disciple he just received. I haven’t returned to the mountain to worship my master. My damn master hasn’t told the world yet. Of course you don’t know." Mu Qingfeng said.
"Then how can you prove that you can’t take out another piece of identity certificate? If you take out another piece, I wonder if you are the biggest thief in the world." Xiao Langzhong still doesn’t trust Mu Qingfeng.
"Help me up and lend me a chopstick." MuQingFeng sat up.
"Now that you know my master, you must be familiar with his swordsmanship. Watch it." Although Mu Qingfeng didn’t stay with Li Daoling for a long time, he was clever by nature, and with the guidance of Li Daoling, Mu Qingfeng became quite skilled in "Swallow-tail Cutting Willow" in "Folding Sword Technique".
Xiao Langzhong saw that Mu Qingfeng had used Li Daoling’s unique swordsmanship, and now he was suspicious and knew that what he said was true.
Xiao Langzhong untied the bound Snow Lotus and gave her the antidote, saying, "It turned out that the flood washed the Longwang Temple, and the family didn’t know a family. Mu Qingfeng, how is your master recently? You know, I am your master’s best friend. "
"My master, I haven’t seen him for a while, but the crisis of Wing Guan has been lifted. I’m sure his old man’s house will be fine. Besides, he bickered with the war leader of Xuanjiamen all day, which is estimated to be extremely happy. But are you really my master’s friend? He is not a sage-like type. According to my observation for many days, he is as old as you. "
"Ahem. 。” Mu Qingfeng’s words almost choked Xiao Langzhong, who was drinking tea. "How to speak, respect, respect! ! How can you say that about your master? " Xiao Langzhong patted his chest: "But your boy is right. I still know Li Daoling’s virtue in front of acquaintances. I know this at once, and I know that you must be the old and shameless close person."
"In that case, Dr. Xiao Langzhong, can you tell me your name? I’ll see if Master mentioned it. I know my master and know the military situation in Daxia. I don’t believe you if you say that you are a nameless person." Mu Qingfeng is curious about who the person who saved himself is.
"Since I am an old friend’s apprentice, I can tell you that I’m just as well. The old man is the deputy head of Wan Chungu, and he is called Xiao Mansheng, who drives the heady lily! !” The old man proudly broke out of his home.
Looking at Mu Qingfeng with a dull face and the so-called Snow Lotus, Xiao Langzhong said, "Why? Surprised by my name? Do you feel excited when you meet me? "
"Xiaomansheng, never heard of it. Wan Chungu? What place? The golden needle drives impermanence? Who is impermanence? Why do you want to catch him? " Mu Qingfeng’s face is full of big questions.
"I … . . . 。” Xiao Langzhong quickly patted his chest for fear of being grieved by this junior.
"Your master didn’t tell you about Wulin? Why don’t you know anything? Tell me what you know. " Xiao Langzhong looks like a wild animal, and he is still injured and fierce.
"In fact, my master didn’t teach me anything. When I was approaching Wing Pass, other Wulin people really didn’t know except the head of the Xuanjiamen’s Zhanyunyi. Master told me that I remember that Shangxu Palace is the Taishan Beidou of Wulin, and other wannabe don’t have to worry about it. " Mu Qingfeng, tell the truth.
"I’m so angry. This old thing used to teach his disciples so much, and he also went to the virtual palace Taishan Beidou. This is really a horse who doesn’t know his face is long! !” Xiao Langzhong is very dissatisfied with Li Daoling’s perfunctory.
"Listen up, boy. Today’s martial arts schools are complicated, but there are not many big schools. Generally speaking, the world is divided into two and a half."
"Two and a half points? What do you mean? " Mu Qingfeng asked.
"One sword, seven needles, double sleeve dance, a thousand poisonous beasts and a single soul bell, these are the two major forces of good and evil in the rivers and lakes, plus the star-studded tower of idealism, which is what I call two and a half points in the world." Xiao Langzhong went on to say, "One sword refers to your Shangxu Palace. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in the Great Summer, the swordsmanship of Shangxu Palace has been famous all over the world, especially the Shangxu Sanjie, which has created a great reputation. Unfortunately, the Shangxu Palace was weakened by the grassland war. The Seven Needles refers to Wan Chungu, which is famous for mending the sky and the seven unique needles. The old man is a person in the valley. Our Wan Chungu is famous for its medical skills, but our life-measuring ruler for robbing acupoints is not something that ordinary people can follow. Finally, it is the double-sleeve dance, which is a sect painting heart workshop that only recruits female disciples in the Jianghu. It is said that all the women in Huaxinfang are as beautiful as immortals, and everyone is good at dancing with long sleeves. The women in the workshop are good at using double swords, and the green hill folding Dan fencing is hard to prevent. These three sects are the pillars of the righteous forces in our rivers and lakes, so they account for one point in the world. "
Hearing this, Xue Lianer interjected: "Listen to your meaning, do you still have powerful evil forces in the Jianghu in the summer?"
"This nature, since ancient times, good and evil are at odds. Our right path accounts for a share of the world, and heterodox is not to be outdone. The single soul bell of thousands of poisonous beasts is one of the leaders. " Xiao Langzhong said.
"Then who are these sects?" Mu Qingfeng asked.
"Speaking of shame. We know very little about heresy, and now we only know the charm pavilion of the single soul bell on the bright side. It is said that Meiyin Pavilion and Huaxinfang have been enemies for generations, but unlike Huaxinfang, which only accepts women, Meiyin Pavilion also has some male disciples. Their weapons are varied, and they all practice an evil skill related to music. It is said that they use the same musical instrument as bells. When fighting with the other party again, the sudden ringing of the bell will make the other party in a mess, but it’s a pity that everyone who sees the mastermind bell in the Jianghu is dead. . . No one knows what it is. As for the fierce gate of beasts and the hundred-legged religion of thousands of poisons, we only know that they are active in the south of summer, and we know nothing else. " Xiao Langzhong told Mu Qingfeng everything he knew.
"So the idealistic star-studded building? Isn’t there still half a point? Is this the sect? " Saussurea involucrata has a numb wrist.
Glancing at Xue Lianer, Xiao Langzhong said, "Yes, the remaining half is the Star Tower, which is both good and evil. In fact, it is not a martial arts sect, but a killer organization. Most of the disciples are from the middle of Shu, especially surnamed tang. Most of the people in the building are masters who are proficient in assassination and hidden weapons. They only do things according to their own wishes. There are not a few black and white masters who have fallen into their hands, so the Jianghu people say that they are half-divided. "
"So that’s it. The relationship between sects in Daxia country is so complicated. I thought Daxia country was the only one in my school." Mu Qingfeng felt embarrassed for his ignorance.
"Hum, it’s just right for a confused master to teach stupid disciples. Now you know that Xiao Mansheng is not a nobody." Xiao Langzhong is still upset that Mu Qingfeng doesn’t know himself.
"Since Dr. Xiao is so famous, why do you want to be a little doctor in this place?" Snow lotus son puzzled asked.
Xiao Mansheng’s face flashed a trace of imperceptible pain: "Everything happens for a reason, so don’t bother to ask, I won’t tell you."
Snow Lotus said angrily, "Cheapskate, who wants it?" !”
"Now that our misunderstandings have been solved, it’s time to get down to business." Xiao Langzhong put away his smirk.
"business?" MuQingFeng puzzled asked.
"Remember why I didn’t let you go to the Taoist priest to cure the disease? According to reliable sources, he is a member of the Charming Music Pavilion, and he has come here with great intentions. Now that I know, I can’t let them endanger the Wulin. You are a decent disciple of a noble family, so you should help! !” Xiao Langzhong looked at MuQingFeng seriously.
Mu Qingfeng looked at his left arm, which was completely unable to exert strength, and looked at Xue Lianer, who was angry. He couldn’t help but mutter: one and a half disabled, a foreigner. How can I help?
evening talk
In any case, he is a respectable person, and Mu Qingfeng agreed to Xiao Langzhong’s request. It’s just that the urgent task is to recover your body quickly. After all, the secondary injury of the wound and a lot of blood loss, if it weren’t for your good physical quality, I’m afraid I would have died. Although Xiao Langzhong’s medical skill is amazing, his left hand. . . After nearly a month of treatment, my left hand can only move slightly, and I can’t make any effort other than that.
"When Master saw me like this, I didn’t know if I would be wanted. It’s ironic that the real person of Shangxu Sanjie actually accepted a cripple as a disciple." MuQingFeng looked at the moonlight outside the window, courty, and his current state of mind is very accord with.
"What are you looking at in the middle of the night?" Snow lotus son detect MuQingFeng movement, got up and asked. Xiao Langzhong’s home is not very big, so Mu Qingfeng and Xuelian are crowded in one room, but Xiao Langzhong knows that they are not husband and wife, so he specially arranged two beds.
"Nothing, just want to see the night. Look at the star on the horizon. Is it silly? It always wants to catch up with the moon, but no matter how many nights pass, it is always so far away from the moon that it will never catch up, but it doesn’t know it yet. It always thinks that if it works harder, it will be closer to the moon." On quiet nights, Mu Qingfeng always feels sad for his body.
Snow lotus son walked out of bed, silently walked to MuQingFeng bed and sat down, gently said; "How do you know that the star likes the moon or the process of pursuing the moon? Maybe people are deliberately unable to catch up. What if I catch up with the moon and find that it is not as perfect as I think? "
At this time, Mu Qingfeng discovered that Snow Lotus didn’t change her face at night. In the moonlight, she was more like an extraordinary fairy, but the distance between them seemed to tell that the fairy was not out of reach.
"Why didn’t her face change tonight? Isn’t your true face invisible? "
"Do you think I’m willing to face that is not my own face all day? If those potions are not erased for a long time, they will really seep into my skin, and I can’t go away if I want to. I will keep my original appearance every night. After all, which girl doesn’t cherish her appearance? As for secrecy, haven’t you seen me? "