"Wait." Xin Tong quickly stopped him and said, "These guys look like they have nothing to hide. Don’t be reckless. " When melting and refining the five elements and eight poles, his spiritual power was almost exhausted because there was no assistance from the true qi force. At this time, although he has recovered a lot, he is still far from the peak state, and the clouds and the sky are just recovering from serious injuries. Faced with seven inscrutable Taoist priests, it is natural to be careful.

Xin Tong’s eyes changed from black to blue, but he used the eye of heaven’s punishment. The blue light just appeared in his eyes, and he was taken aback by what he saw.
Around the altar, four or five feet, a series of dark red light flashed. It’s flickering. Constantly changing directions. If the sky just rushed forward like that, it will be countered!
The scene on the altar is even more amazing.
That hip-flask-shaped thing exudes a black halo. Countless lights and spots of different colors, strong or weak, gathered from all directions, and were all sucked in by the black pot in the shrill screams.
There is no doubt that those Taoist priests are absorbing the souls of the soldiers who died in the Eastern Han Dynasty!
Martyr’s soul, how dare you blaspheme?
Xin Tong is furious!
When the mind moved, the five elements and eight poles suddenly appeared, and suddenly became the size of a millstone. The five colors of blue, red, white, yellow and black were full of brilliance, and they were pressed down to the altar with thunderous momentum.
When Yunkong saw it, he muttered: "You told me not to be reckless, but how did I make the first move?"
"You’re right, they are indeed ingesting the souls of martyrs." Xin Tong thundered, "I’m going to kill these dead bastards!" His words haven’t say that finish, the five elements octupole skyshatter seal has smashed on the altar with unspeakable power.
It is not accurate to say that it was hit on the altar. Xin Tonggang just offered the five elements and octupole skyshatter seal, and the six Taoist priests guarding the altar drew together. The dark red light around the altar, which was hard to be seen by the naked eye, suddenly rose, forming a cocoon of light before the five elements and octupole skyshatter seal was smashed, and caged them and the altar together.
Almost at the same time, the old man, who was sitting cross-legged on the altar, suddenly stood up, sprinted with his hands, and ended the casting! Then the big sleeve was brushed, and the haunting mastermind pot disappeared. Electro-optic Shi Huo between finish all this, his whole body to explode khaki light, then a weird twist, unexpectedly disappeared!
A loud noise, which can be heard as far away as the victory, suddenly sounded. The dark red cocoon of light was smashed to pieces by the five elements and octupole skyshatter seal, and turned into thousands of light spots. The six Taoist priests guarding the altar were completely erased by the colorful light before even making any noise, and the altar they guarded also failed to escape the fate of turning into dust.
Xin Tong, who has been using the eye of God’s punishment, sees all this very clearly, and even the old man who used earth to escape from the land failed to escape his eyes.
"Is your magic weapon really just a top-grade fairy?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Cloud a face of surprise, "how can so much power? The instrument they used to protect the altar was the lowest magic weapon of the immortal level, and there was no resistance at all … How is that possible? "
Xin Tong is locking the old road who used magic to escape with his mind, and he has no mind to think about why the Chinese fairy ware has no resistance under his five elements and eight poles. He said, "That old road has escaped, shall we chase it or not?"
"Run away?" Cloud sky one leng, way: "chase! Of course I have to chase! " The left hand pulls Xin Tong, and the right hand drives up the light and flies away in surprises.
As soon as the dazzling escape light was lifted off, it stopped. Yunkong blinked and asked shyly, "Er … which direction did the old road go?"
The road to escape turned out to be the camp of Houlle clan!
Is this a coincidence or is this guy originally a witch sacrifice of Houlle clan?
"There is another possibility." "That old man is trying to cause a riot in the Houlle camp so as to get out," said Yun Kong. Xin Tongli thought for a moment and nodded: "I didn’t see that you are very smart … to the right!" "
The old man obviously knew that he was being followed, and the direction of his escape kept changing, from east to west, from south to north. Under the guidance of Xin Tong’s password, Yunkong can only fly around in the air like a headless fly.
So after less than half an hour, the road may be because they can’t get rid of Xin Tong, and they no longer change their positions. And I don’t know why, they don’t even have to use the technique of soil dun, and suddenly they show their shape, humanize their time, and shoot arrows at the Houlle family camp.
At this time, the road is less than 20 miles away from Houlle’s camp. At his speed, it won’t be long before he will escape into the camp, and then he will be in trouble. Xin Tong gave a dark scolding, but she never recovered to her best state. She once again offered a five-element octupole skyshatter seal and smashed it at the old road wrapped in dark red light.

The seventh volume Sunbird The fourth chapter soul (below)
The seventh volume Sunbird The fourth chapter soul (below)
The dark red light that is flying forward is suddenly a meal, and then it turns around unexpectedly and meets the five elements and octupole skyshatter seal!
There was another earth-shattering noise, and the five elements and eight poles flew high uncontrollably, and the colorful brilliance was so dim that it almost disappeared, while the dark red light that rushed like a moth smashed into tiny spots all over the sky.
This time the impact is so fierce, if it is not in the light of the clouds but on the back of the jade eagle, Xin Tong is likely to carry a magic weapon-simply using spiritual power to make a magic weapon, and the user’s spiritual power consumption is too great, especially when encountering such a deadly counterattack.
For a moment, Xin Tong really thought that the road had died under the five elements and eight poles. Just as the dark red light was broken, his mind suddenly lost its locked goal. Completely out of instinct, he didn’t believe that the old road died like this, and the mind spread out like a dome, like lightning, and enveloped Fiona Fang for miles in an instant.
The old man did not die!
It’s just that more than ten identical spiritual force fluctuations are sent back to the sea by the spirit force, which makes Xin Tong not from one leng. "Is this the legendary technique of distraction?" Hey hey, it’s no use, Lao tze have a subsequent hand! " As early as when he first saw the altar, he attached a spiritual force to the mastermind pot. It was just out of curiosity at that time, but I didn’t expect it to come in handy at the moment.
"That guy ran to the left!"
"Left?" Cloud zheng, "are you mistaken? On the left is the direction of Dashengguan. What is he doing there? Self-trapping? " Error-free novel network does not skip words. Although puzzled. Clouds or chase down according to xin tong said.
"Just praised your cleverness …" Xin Tong took a sideways look at the clouds. "How could that guy have been fleeing to the victory? He just wants to get rid of us. It won’t be long before he changes direction … to the left! "
Once again, the sky has become a headless fly, flying east and west in the air, high and low, keeping a close eye on the old road with constantly changing directions.
Xintong is very cool!
On the one hand, it was brought to him by the extremely powerful five elements and eight poles, on the other hand. Although he didn’t fight face to face with the old man who had been fleeing, in his estimation. The veteran is the lowest, and he is higher than him in the third and fourth order! How can you be upset if you drive an enemy much stronger than yourself into panic like a lost dog? Of course, for Xin Dabai, the coolest thing is to be able to turn the cloud white finger around.
This time, the chase stopped only for a moment or so, but for some reason, the old man didn’t run away, and he showed his figure dozens of feet away from them. When they reached the crowd, they raised their right palms and gave a gift, asking, "Why do the two Taoist friends persecute me so hard?"
"You sneaky guy!" Xin tongnu snorted, and the sophisticated behavior made him lose the heart of respecting the elderly. "I won’t talk nonsense with you, hand over the mastermind pot, and you can leave, otherwise. I’m trying my best to cultivate myself, and I’m going to destroy you, the bastard who disturbed the soul of the martyrs! "
"The mastermind pot? What kind of soul pot? " The old man looked puzzled. "How can being original disturb the heroes of martyrs?"
"There is no doubt that it is useless to say it with your mouth for such a person who does not see the coffin and does not cry." Yun Kong, standing beside Xin Tong, waved his fist twice and said maliciously, "You have to fight!"
"Well said! Then let’s beat him to tears! " Xin Tong said. Sacrifice the five elements and eight poles to break the sky, just to start work.
"Wait a minute!" The old man waved his hand again and again, and his face was full of anger. He said, "Being an original Taoist in Lingnan is not famous but it is a small name in the Taoist vein. First, two young Taoist friends persecuted being original, and then they charged being original with disturbing the soul of martyrs … Aren’t you afraid of hurting the sky because of your nonsense?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"Ha, ha, ha ….." Xin Tongwen was extremely angry and laughed. "I have met shameless people, but I am shameless to your extent. This is the first time that Lao Tzu … has hurt heaven and earth? You deserve to say these four words! Your existence. It’s too embarrassing to view the day wind … "
"So much nonsense!" Cloud sky stared at Xin Tong. "Early and you said, this kind of shameless person. It’s no use reasoning with him, only to hurt him! " With a clear rebuke, two fingers like spring onions gently pointed to the old road who claimed to be Sha Ruosong.
With a seemingly random finger in the sky, Sha Ruosong stood on the ground and suddenly cracked a crack two or three feet wide without warning. Sha Ruosong was caught off guard and fell like a stone.
Such a crack, of course, can’t be trapped as Sha Ruosong, who is never slightly lower than the clouds, but seeing his big sleeves fluttering, he flew like a wild goose before the crack was closed. The dazzling light suddenly lit up, and several blue lightning flashed through the night sky, chopping off the pledge.
Xin Tong took a surprisedly look at the sky. This guy doesn’t pinch the tactic or recite the mantra, but he gently and easily displays the method of cracking the ground to attract thunder. Compared with a few months ago, the extent of diligence is amazing!
Sha Ruosong burst into a mass of black brilliance, resisting the split lightning. Clouds don’t give him any respite, five fingers play like a fiddle, blue lightning converge into a dense optical network, endlessly chopping, abruptly trapped him in it.
Xin Tong gave a thumbs-up and praised loudly: "Xiao Bai is amazing! It seems that I don’t need help. "
"Why do you call me Xiao Bai?" Cloud sky puzzled to ask.
"Because you are white."