"Wow. With a loud sound, the two instruments were struck off in the middle!

And this spirit sword is Zhangfan’s life’s core monuments instrument, Yimu spirit sword.
Although Zhangfan finally offered the multiplier, it was not a beat slower than others’ reaction, but was caused by hesitation in his heart!
Although Zhangfan didn’t keep too much selfishness on the enemy, but the spiritual power in the body has consumed more than half, so he just thought about it for a moment. After all, as a monk, the biggest dependence is spiritual power. If it is done at once, it will not become sacrificial!

Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Tridentate Dumpling and Ice Silk Silkworm
On the way to escape, Zhang Ji was only given a panacea, but the panacea hit the "six-two-day ten thousand-year-old spirit liquid" and other spiritual liquids. But it is an effective existence.
Even if the piece of waste is slow, Zhangfan’s multiplier is undoubtedly the most powerful one besides the "ancient treasure" in the hands of Elder Gnostic and the opposite soul. Even compared with the instruments of gnostic elders. It’s not bad at all. It’s just that Zhangfan is not as strong as the other party now.
Therefore, even if the film is wasted slowly, it is still the first to catch up.
Lingjian is under the control of Zhangfan. Didn’t hit everyone with one blow. But look for the two instruments with the worst quality and spirit mountain, and sure enough. Under its precise control, after the two instruments first bear the wrath of the thunder of Skynet, the net and the spiritual sword hit each other and were broken with one blow.
Gnostics know elders control strange birds continue to hit "while secretly nodded.
The birth of all this. It’s just a matter of counting interest. After all, fighting between monks can often end with a few breaths, as long as one side is slightly careless. It will be damaged.
The fighting between lower-ranking monks is even more disparity.
Although now Zhangfan’s cultivation is a lack of foundation in the later period. But don’t say those big monks in infancy. Even in the eyes of gnostic elders, it is nothing.
Just then, I saw the fiery diamond offered by Soul Xiu opposite, and it had already struck with the strange bird.
As soon as the two came into contact, although there was no earth-shattering noise, there was no large area of Lingmangxiaguang.
It was only in a flash that thick smoke and red fog broke out. The spirit diamond has melted the strange bird.
Blood spirit drill! "Gnostic elders at this time also like the other side of the monk, face changes!
Hum hey! "The soul repair impressively sneer at a way:" although this blood spirit drill hard-won. And it can only be used once. Even so. It’s enough! "
Gnostic elders suddenly face became extremely ugly. Of course he knows what the other person means.
Blood spirit drill was originally an extremely filthy thing in the world, but now it has been made by the other party. It took several years of hard work to get a few drops of "Nine Golden Spirit Dew", which is naturally completely unusable.
But Gnostic Elder glanced at the "Purple Gong" in front of him, but it was intact. This just look a little better.
The cultivation of immortals was originally a strange thing all over the world. A lot of things are just one thing. Therefore, this effect can be achieved. But it’s not surprising. After all, just now, it was clear that Elder Gnostic’s gong and the green jade dragon staff of the soul repair were both "ancient treasures", but Elder Gnostic’s "ancient treasures" coincided with each other’s. That’s why it has the upper hand. Now it’s moved back by the other side. It is a very normal thing!
But gnostic elders are only slightly one leng. I put away the "Purple Gong". Then he stretched out his hand and touched his waist, only to see a spirit beast bag suddenly appear in his hand.
Elders Gnostics didn’t even blink. So he sacrificed the spirit beast bag out.
As the spirit beast bag is opened. I saw a strange snake with six wings flying out of it. Although it was only seven inches long, it had three pairs of wings, and its scales were red as blood.
As soon as the net left the beast bag, there was a "buzzing" sound in the air and it went away. Shoot at the opposite side.
The soul just slightly one leng. There was a sneer on his face, and at the same time he murmured in his mouth, "Three-toothed dumpling." Yes, it has evolved to six teeth! But it’s rare. "
I saw him touch his waist, and suddenly a transparent small net appeared in his hand, and then he was sacrificed, and at the same time he made several spiritual tricks.
Suddenly, the net rose in the wind, and a piece of white awn was scattered. With a whoosh, it covered the dumpling.
The strange snake, called Tridentate Dumpling by the other side, was immediately covered by that small net. No matter how it escapes, escapes, leaps and moves. I can’t escape the scope of that small net.
And the voice of the soul "hey hey" suddenly came: "What if it evolved into six wings? Can you escape the trapped demon net made of silk vomited by this ice silk silkworm? "
Zhangfan side with those souls against the enemy. On the one hand, he sensed the battle between Elders Gnostics and the soul-builder with the knowledge of gods.
Just now, when I heard the three-toothed dumpling. Already taken aback, this spirit beast is not a rare thing in the world. Although it is called Jiao. But it’s still a kind of snake. After all, if it’s a real dumpling, even the lowest order dumpling can compete with Brother Jiedan.
Is it the opposite soul repair can deal with!
Even so, Tridentate Dumplings are close to the existence of Dumplings, and they are also heterogeneous among snakes.
But now I’m trapped in a small net.
But it’s no longer strange that Zhangfan heard the ice silk silkworm. After all, the ice silk silkworm is one of several ice silkworm. In addition to the world’s three great god silkworms, the ice silk silkworm is already the king of the spirit silkworm monster beast! It is dominated by extreme cold. Ranked higher in Zhangfan’s Records of Wonders in the World.
And Zhangfan’s Records of Wonders in the World, which was obtained from Tianqi real people, recorded a total of more than 3,570 kinds of monsters that are common in the world of cultivating immortals, but all of them are more common. Even common-sense monsters.
There are only 726 kinds. It is an existing but powerful monster beast in the cultivation of immortals. As for the wild aliens. Then there is another book.
The three-toothed dumpling and the ice silk silkworm are also on the list, although both of them rank higher. Tridentate dumpling is ranked 467th. But the ice silk silkworm ranked 384th.
This is also Zhangfan in these decades. Tidy up slowly And recorded in my mind. As Zhangfan’s cultivation is getting higher and higher, he has learned more and more about the things in the cultivation of immortals for a long time. Zhangfan categorized all kinds of useful and useless things one by one. Clear and organized.
So at this time, it is not surprising to see that small net trapped the three-toothed dumpling of Elders Gnostics.
When Elders Gnostics saw that the spirit beast was trapped, they just cursed the hell and gave a body meal without thinking. Suddenly a fishbone spirit pierced the body.
Until now. Elders Gnostics only offered their own life’s core monuments implements with dragon stab sacrifices.
I saw this fishbone-like spirit thorn. Although after breaking through the body, it is only a foot long. But the white light is shining on it. There are many tiny bone columns intertwined like some thin lines. Like the spine of a fish and beast, the scales are shining. At the same time flashing a metallic luster.
The most important thing is that the spiritual pressure attached to it is extremely powerful. Zhangfan secretly compared himself with Lingwei attached to his life’s core monuments multiplier.
This is because their own cultivation is strong, and the multiplier is kept in the body for too long to cause!

Chapter two hundred and twenty-six Break
Mao, the soul-builder, saw the multiplier that Elders Gnostic burst through the body, and although his face showed some color, it didn’t change much.
I saw that it also took back the "Gubao". The backhand came out from the storage bag holding a yellow light shining amulet.
The soul took a reluctant look at this talisman, then gritted his teeth and murmured, at the same time, a spiritual force went into the talisman.
With the flash of the aura of the precious charm, there was a sudden burst of excitement, and the soul repair threw the precious charm directly back with a backhand.
Then I don’t care whether the talisman works, but my sleeves flash and I see a black gourd in my hand out of thin air.
Elders Gnostics took a look at each other and just took out a gourd with a general color and no light. Although his face remained calm, his heart was confused.
After all, the position of the multiplier is different, and the power is definitely different.