The political struggle is as full of intrigue as the battlefield. There are neither eternal allies nor eternal enemies, but only eternal interests. In the process of seeking interests, such tricks as beating around the bush, retreating into the East and attacking the West, framing and slandering are endless and varied. Although dancing the sun and robbing the arrogant don’t believe that shallow water is brave enough to kill itself in front of the blue sea, considering the current situation changes and shallow water is always bold and very brave, it is obviously unwise to care about them.

In many cases, compromise is a necessary way of struggle. The meaning of shallow water is already white, but I want the Storm Corps to control the past in essence. I have no choice but to let bygones be bygones, whether it is Canglan or Dance Robbery. They dare not really drive shallow water crazy, so they can silently swallow this bitter fruit.
The banquet at the Hongmen Gate, which took place in the cold wind, seemed calm on the surface, but later generations knew that it was this banquet that laid the foundation for the shallow water to have absolute strength in the mainland, that is, from this day on, he would not be as good as a few troops to fight against most enemies and win a series of difficult victories, but he would be like a real star to command thousands of troops to sweep across the battlefield, so this banquet was also called "power-eating banquet" in later generations.
There is a saying in modern officialdom that "officialdom is like this. It is hard for people not to think about getting more power after enjoying the convenience brought by power. This is a great attraction. Tracing back to the origin of human society, this phenomenon has already existed."
No matter how severe the shallow water is, it is also a human being. The only way for him to solve all problems is impossible to jump. Things should have rules.
That is, from this day on, the shallow water is clear, and it can be said that the empire with its back against the rainbow, the palm of its hand, the storm and the wind will work together to create a good future and finally successfully push itself to the top of the world. However, this statement is to deceive outsiders, but the real situation is not so simple
The bright sunshine at noon made the shallow water clear and a little blind.
He covered his forehead with his hand and looked into the distance, where his brother lived and died.
Yesterday’s banquet at the Hongmen Gate made everyone really see the tough side of shallow water. He didn’t care who he was facing. He had to get it if he wanted it.
Afterwards, Shallow Water Qing "please" Cang Lan wrote a notice, and immediately announced the major changes of the Storm Corps. Then most of the troops in Tiexue Town were built back to the once famous Iron Blood Town under the jurisdiction of Longya Army, and finally the Storm Corps merged together again. Only the so-called new generation of God of War in mainland China, Shallow Water Qing, stayed in the cold wind.
Accompanied by him is a total of two hundred soldiers from Chu nightingale and deceit feet.
In addition, close friends
The gate tower looks up at the shallow water, the clear back is lonely, and Xiao Suo, who used to be full of lofty sentiments, does not give up the god of war easily even though he is in a desperate situation. Now it looks a bit bleak.
Cue-chi asked curiously from Chu, "The master has been like this since the Storm Corps left. He seems to be unhappy. Didn’t we already teach them a big lesson and rob these many people?" What master is still like this? Before we won, the master was not so depressed. Why are we not happy to have a master now? "
Li Chu smiled bitterly. "Little fool, don’t you know that the more troubles a person has, the more truth he has?"
Yes, although Shallow Water Qing won, his troubles did not decrease at all, but increased. After yesterday’s banquet, in addition to the five generals of Tiexue Town, such as Shuitang, who were promoted to the governor of Storm Town, a group of veteran cadres of Tiexue Town, such as Lin Yue Suyun Shicheng, were also dispatched to win the Young Army and Xianglong Army to take important positions in Shallow Water Qing.
As a result, almost all of the five main armies of the empire have their own people in it, and it is impossible to hide the movements of the imperial army from his eyes and ears. Although he has greatly improved his strength, he has also made Cang Yewang’s fear of him sublimate to the apex. Now, the prestige of Shallow Water is almost equal to the fierce flame in Tianfeng country, but he did not easily deal with it in the real law. However, it was regrettable that the honeymoon period of the monarch and his subjects collapsed because of this.
But this is not the most headache for shallow water.
First, Chifeng Wan urged him to fulfill his promise again and again as soon as possible. Then, if the new cold wind can be integrated as soon as possible to stabilize the morale of the soldiers, and finally, Cangye Wang has made Yun Ni rush back to Cangtian City from St. Will for three times. Obviously, Cangye Wang has put the final bet on Yun Ni, but Yun Ni can’t get rid of it.
She knew that if she went, she might never see shallow water again in her life.
At this time, the ruler finally came with Li Chu and the nightingale. "What are you thinking, master?"
Take back the distant sight, shallow water and clear sigh gently. "I didn’t think about anything. I think it’s even difficult to see my brothers again after this farewell."
The ruler also sighed, "I wish them a pleasant journey."
Have a nice trip? It’s impossible for shallow water to smile bitterly. This time, I forcibly drove the soldiers of Tiexue Town to the future. In the future, the generals of Tiexue Town are bound to face many tests. Without shallow water to be around, they are doomed to face various problems on their own. For shallow water, their own practices are actually not helping them, but harming them
Unfortunately, he had no choice.
From Chu to low way, "originally in the cold wind, most of those eagle eagle army prisoners of war have made it clear that they are willing to stay with the general to live and die together."
Shallow water asked, "How many people want to return to China?"
"less than 1000 people"
"Not a bad result."
"They all admire you."
Admire? Yes, the soldiers will always admire the general who can lead them to victory. At that moment, he suddenly couldn’t help but whisper
"Wars come and go, but my soldiers are always loyal."
After reciting this famous war saying, Shallow Water Qing flatly said, "If you really want to control the cold wind, you must have a credible army. The cold wind generals are lonely, and I have confidence in him. Half of the others are not more than 30%. Now many people have seen that there will be problems with the Storm Corps. Maybe according to the agreement, we can’t abolish the cold wind, but we didn’t say that we can’t send more troops. This batch of eagle-hawk troops can stay for 4,000 people. That’s the best, but I will leave them to you in the future." It’s up to you, Nightingale. Write to Yan Zhenping and ask him to transfer two more troops to stop the windy city and destroy the original garrison in the windy city. All the troops are not allowed to stay in the cold wind. Soldiers can’t move anywhere else. The Ministry of War must move to another place. Yan Zhenping and Liang Jinxin can’t trust people lightly. "
"Yes" Nightingale and Li Chu promised at the same time.
"Deceptive ruler!"
"Belong to" cried the little fellow.
"The Lebanese have sent me an ultimatum asking me to honor the Basra Declaration at once, but Jinghong has now entered my hands to divide the land. If you can’t agree, it’s obvious that the maple people will detain you and your sister won’t let go. I’m worried that their two countries will unite and I’ll make trouble behind our back. I need someone to go there and try to save your sister. I want to think about it and think that you are more suitable for this. Tell me, can you do it?"
"Let me take Sister Ji out of the country?" Then feet get excited.
"To sneak into the maple country directly from the western frontier defense, you will bring your sister Ji back to Jinghong from the maple hand and back to me at all costs."
"Remember that when you get there, the first thing you need is to see how your sister leaves her. There will be a way to arrange for me not to let you do it yourself."
"I am white"
"Prepare to go to Heaven City, the Principality of St. Will, and have given orders to Yunni three times to ask her to return to China immediately. Yun Ni has been dragging her back, but now things have reached a point where they can drag on. I want you to prepare to take Yun Ni and Qingyin into the cold wind at once."
"St. Will there won’t be so easy to put people? Spokanyo has publicly declared that you should immediately fulfill your promise to join Mande. "
"I’m going to pick them up. How to get them out? That’s not my problem."
"White!" The nightingale replied loudly
Tianfengli January, 19th year