There are prescriptions and materials, but they only count if they are refined. It’s not so easy to practice the three treasures of Dan. Even a four-level pharmacist can succeed once every ten times, and there are so many materials to waste for you.

With the achievement method, the candidate has made Tian Xun have a headache. This is more difficult than the achievement method, first of all, it must have the power of extreme yang, otherwise, it is not a good thing for both sides. Secondly, even if there is a candidate, it has to be liked by Qian Yu, which is not something that can be decided by Tian Xun at all.
Originally, in desperation, Tian Xun could only hit the Nangong cold head with dirty thoughts. Although there is no power of extreme yang, Nangong Han has cultivated Confucianism since he was a child, but he can’t do it with integrity. If there is no other choice, I can make do with it, but I can also be regarded as a backup.
Fix true boundary, sometimes it is so helpless, you can’t have a second choice. In desperation, vernon couldn’t find more ways. After ten years of retreat, he went through the customs. On the one hand, it was impossible to break through, and in addition, he was worried about Qian Yu’s adulthood.
Therefore, when learning from Yungu that Tang Qing, a so-called descendant of saints, was pregnant with the power of the sun, how excited was Tianqi. What makes him feel more comforted is that Qian Yu is cold to the Nangong, which is a real brother and sister love. On the other hand, for Tang Qing, from the moment we met, there was an indescribable feeling.
Probably this is because Tang Qing is too different, and liking often starts from curiosity and wisdom.
Although Tianqin is rigorous, he is an old monster who has been practicing for more than a thousand years. Besides, he is a descendant himself. Just a quick glance, you will naturally know all about it. The comfort in my heart is beyond words.
Since the breakup of Tiandao Sect, Tianqi never cared whether Tang Qing was a saint or not. That’s no longer important. What’s important is that Tang Qing is her granddaughter-in-law. It’s certain and firm.
In this way, everything that Tianqin did for Tang Qing naturally came naturally. I’m going to die anyway, so I have to leave something for future generations. You can have it, you can’t have it, and you have to have it when you grab it.
Looking back on all the things before, my heart surges with thoughts and gratitude to the old man. Tang Qing doesn’t have many awkward thoughts. There is no need to think too much about feelings.
In this respect, Tang Ye is very traditional. He never thinks he has any noble character. If you have it, you will have it, and you will never be faithful. Tang Ye, who is extremely rich and macho, dreamed of marrying a lot of wives, having a lot of children and quarreling happily every day.
On the earth, this kind of idea is not very realistic. In this world of fixing truth, it has really become a dream that is not far away. How can it not make him very proud?
Holding that tender mass in his arms, Tang Ye thought a little slightly smoked.
"What is emotion? For men, that is the responsibility to carry the burden. "
Chapter two hundred and fifty-eight: Nu Nv Yin Yang
Chapter two hundred and fifty-eight: Nu Yin Yang, go to the website.

Chapter 259: Dilemma
Chapter 259: Dilemma
"Eldest brother, the aura here is so thin, what should you do in practice?" Qian Yu wench heart, began to worry about Tang Qing’s cultivation plan.
"Don’t be afraid, there are five elements in the array, which is still enough for the time being." Tang Qing has no idea in his heart. He has tried the Five Elements Array, and can only say that it is no problem for the time being, but if Tang Qingling’s roots are restored, I am afraid I still can’t supply what I need.
It’s not that he is worse than Bao Puzi. The key is that Bao Puzi meditates here to improve his cultivation, which is not enough for aura. And Tang Qing is a rebuilt body. In a sense, this is a restoration, which naturally cannot be mentioned in the same breath.
However, he had already made plans for this matter, and turned to a gentle way: "Don’t worry, girl, just wait for the time being. In a few days, you will recuperate and get ready to attack the Tsukiji Pass. After I recover a little, we will find another place to go. "
Speaking of this, he was afraid that Qian Yu was not confident, so he hurriedly presented a treasure and said, "I’m telling you, eldest brother is rich now, and Lingshi is a lot of use. Zhujidan can give you a snack." Even if there is no aura, it is the same to practice with Lingshi. "
Speaking of Lingshi, Tang Ye remembered that Meow Meow had not been fed by his son for several days. Besides, Qian Yu’s mood at this time should also be helpful to interrupt with Meow Meow.
Just do it when you think about it. Tang Qing’s mind is micro-moving, and a white figure appears. Meow meow like a bolt of lightning, straight up his shoulder. A pair of big purple eyes kept blinking, as if they were curious about the two men hugging each other and kept winking.
"Naughty" Qian Yu girl was happy and shy. She stretched out her hand to hold Meow in her arms, reached out and touched a few lingshi, and quickly waited on the little ancestor.
Meow meow yi tooth crack mouth, seems to be dissatisfied with the two men just very much in love, but throw it to the brain. While holding a lingshi with two claws, he also protested from time to time.
"A little beast" Tang Ye was helpless. Since he followed him, this little thing has become more and more humanized. It’s not like a monster. It’s obviously a naughty child.
"Don’t scold him, our meow is lovely, isn’t it?"
Qian Yu can’t look at Tang Qing’s fierce touch, while sticking her face to meow’s hair and giving Tang Ye a cross look.
The little beast is proud and rampant, learning to look like a girl and giving his father a cross look. That means: What, you bit me?
Tang Qing was exasperated and amused, saying that Qian Yu was in a better mood. He quickly climbed the stairs and took a meow to end a meatless diet and said, "Dear son, this is your mother. Come on, call me."
Meow meow some confused, obviously can’t accept the fact that his mother has changed personally for a while. Qian Yu, who was on the other side, was already ashamed, and simply plunged into Tang Qing’s arms and murmured, "What? When will it become … that …"
"Hey hey, anyway, it’s only a matter of time before this girl ah, tell you, this your body …"
Tang Qing doesn’t know much about her little daughter’s worries, but she understands that cooking must be done while the iron is hot. This is a difficult time, and he can’t play with those tender feelings, so he can only find a reason not to feel too ashamed.
"Really, Tang Ye is so fresh." In my heart, I despised myself, but Tang Qing still had to tell the truth. Just like demons, this level has passed; However, I have to pass.
Qian Yu is, after all, a little girl without personnel. Although she knows the meaning of Tang Qing, Tian Xun has already greeted her, but she still can’t hold this blatant naked declaration of courtship. The little girl put a hand over his mouth, for fear that this fool would say something obscene.
Tang Qing remained, this kind of stopped, high-altitude, also just. I don’t know when I will bring this up next time.
But even if he is thick-skinned, he can’t tell you what your physique is at the moment. It’s urgent for us to be a day late and a day early. Let’s just get it done.
Both of them were silent, and the atmosphere was ambiguous and embarrassing. Meow meow seems to feel something, look in all directions for half a day, also didn’t understand how things back, simply bowed their heads and continue to compete with LingShi.
After half a ring, just as Tang Ye felt that he couldn’t bear to tell a dirty joke casually to adjust the atmosphere, Qian Yu’s faint voice sounded: "Brother Tang, tell me about your past, and sister Xinger …"
Like a ladle of cold water, Tang Qing was instantly cold.
This is the common fault of people, knowing that it is an unavoidable topic, but still subconsciously trying to avoid it. Even Tang Qing can’t untie this knot at will.
In fact, Qian Yu asked about this, not as Tang Qing thought. Maybe Tang Qing knows this himself, but subconsciously, she can’t convince herself.
If Tang Qing is a local monk, this is not a problem at all. Among the monks, some are ascetic people who have no desire for fear of disturbing their hearts and delaying their practice. But as long as you are willing to involve men and women, which one is not a group of wives and concubines, and the maid is even more ignorant.
In the world where strength is paramount, too many monks and mortals have committed themselves to others in order to seek physical safety. Among them, women have it, and men also have it; Even some mortal women are still willing to serve the monks, knowing that they will be abandoned once they get old.
There are even more female practitioners with good qualifications. In order to make the path of monasticism smoother, they are willing to play the role of a furnace tripod. What they do is nothing more than physical safety.
Such a variety, not many examples. It has nothing to do with the idea of chastity, and the difference of feelings is such a world.
Of course, among the monks, there are also many couples who are married and stay together from beginning to end, but that doesn’t mean that having a wife and concubine is anything neither fish nor fowl nor disloyal.
As for the guardian? Forget it. It’s not about the wrong question. There is no such thing in this world.
To put it bluntly, this is the concept of shaping. Just like Tang Qing’s world, monogamy is known as orthodoxy, which is a recognized common sense.
The key point here is two words: time.
Monks practice meditation and retreat for ten or eight years. For high-ranking monks, even dozens or hundreds of years are common. In this way, no matter how many wives you have, there are few who can really meet often. Unless it’s a concubine with the status of a furnace tripod, who can come and go at any time?
Why do ordinary wives quarrel? To put it bluntly, it’s still time. For example, if you can display separation skills and accompany seven or eight wives at the same time, if conditions permit, you may still be able to live in peace.
The premise is that you have to have that qualification. If you are a monk who is bitter and doesn’t even have a few pieces of lingshi, I am afraid that the status will be reversed.
At the very least, out of sight, out of mind, you can still do it. Even if you have some thoughts, who wants to live with anger?
However, it happened that Tang Qing came from the earth. Although she often laughed wildly for the beauty in her dreams, in her bones, she still subconsciously believed that husband and wife were king.