Hearing Xiao Langzhong’s answer, Muqingfeng more affirmed his own ideas. Xuelian attached great importance to her true face. So far, apart from her family, only Muqingfeng and Xiaomansheng have seen her true face. Even if Xiao Langzhong has seen her true face these days, she will dress up a little to make herself look less outstanding. This time, she just brought a hat. It seems that she is going to do something with her appearance. There is no doubt that the goal is the ling Wang Shizi who is lewd and has an imperial life but still has fun-the war reputation! !

Considering all kinds of possibilities, MuQingFeng face more and more gloomy. Xiao Langzhong also saw that it was wrong. He put away his smirk and said seriously. "Is something wrong with my little girl?"
Mu Qingfeng told Xiao Langzhong his own inference, and he concluded that Xuelian must have gone to fight for fame. Her practice was tantamount to a sheep entering the tiger’s mouth. In the summer, the identity of Jin Daohan was not only a gold medal, but a death warrant.
Intuition tells me that I can’t wait any longer. Looking at the gloomy twilight outside, Mu Qingfeng stood up and decided to go to the location of the tomb of Wang Shizi.
"Stop! ! Where do you want to go? " Xiao Langzhong shouted.
"Xiao card shark know perfectly well past ask, I can’t watch snow lotus son alive jumped into the pit of fire, I want to save her! !” Mu Qingfeng made up his mind that no matter what the daoshanhuohai is, he should make a breakthrough.
"Your boy is a very smart person. When you meet a lover’s head, you will be a jerk. I know you are worried about my girl, but have you ever thought that Ling Wang Shizi is in a high position, and there will be no guards around him? If nothing else, just say the scar man who was beaten today. I’m sure he is definitely a master of kung fu in my family. As far as you are now semi-disabled, even if you find Snow Lotus there, what can you do! !” Xiao Langzhong’s words calmed Mu Qingfeng down. Yes, what can I do now? Master, Dog Egg and Bai Qiaoming are not with me. Why should I save Xue Lianer? MuQingFeng painful clutching his head, think of snow lotus son may encounter, feel it is better to die.
In the midst of pain, Mu Qingfeng suddenly found Xiao Langzhong in a daze in the front hall. "Since he knows these things, is there anything he can do?" I think that the old Taoist priest of Charming Pavilion tried his best to bring Dr. Xiao into teaching, and he must have something extraordinary besides his medical skills.
The matter of Xuelian is imminent, and there is no time to delay. Mu Qingfeng went directly to Xiao Langzhong’s side, knelt down and knocked his head hard for three times. Regardless of the blood slowly flowing from his head, he said firmly: "Since Xiao Langzhong knows this and wants to have a countermeasure, Mu Qingfeng hereby implores Xiao Langzhong to rescue him. As long as he can save Xue Lianer, from now on, he will be in flames. As long as Xiao Langzhong is driven, Mu Qingfeng will die."
The whole hall was silent. Xiao Langzhong didn’t look at Muqingfeng, but looked out of the window silently. After a while, he said; "Well, everything is fate. I quit the Jianghu because of a tragic incident. From then on, I have nothing to do with Wanhua Valley and vowed never to use force again. I didn’t expect to break the precepts today. Forget it, just consider it a favor for me as a young girl." Say that finish, Xiao Langzhong went to the square table in the hall, stretched out his hand on an organ and pressed it. A secret compartment suddenly opened, and there was a shiny black ruler inside.
Xiao Langzhong picked up a ruler, lifted Mu Qingfeng, who was still kneeling on the ground, and said with great heroism; "Boy, today I’ll let you see another skill of the old besides medical skill-cutting holes and measuring life feet! !”
Wang Shizi’s residence is very easy to inquire about, and Bai Wucheng arranged him in a post station in the town. Because the people in Ling Wangfu are good at fighting, there is no multi-faction protection.
At the gate, the two guards dressed in the costumes of Ling Wangfu look like battle-hardened soldiers. The weather is so cold, but they don’t move, guarding the gate like door gods.
With a whoosh, a gold needle stuck in the back of a guard’s neck. The guard just felt a pain in his neck and then found himself unable to move. Another guard just found out that something was wrong and was about to shout loudly. A black shadow appeared beside him like an owl in the night. Guards frightened, long dao has not been drawn, and a lily accurately plunged into his eyebrows, and he fell flat as if he had been enchanted.
"Xiao Langzhong, you are a little ruthless. Is this two lives?" Looking at the two strong men quietly, Mu Qingfeng was surprised.
"Roll your grandmother’s egg, the old doctor is not a butcher. It’s just that I put on my unique secret medicine, Seven Dews, to get rid of power. It’s no big deal, but I can’t move for three hours. "
Along the way, Xiao Langzhong did the same thing, nailing the guards of the mausoleum palace in place with the golden needle stained with ecstasy, and soon arrived at the courtyard where the prince was located.
"In such a dark night, it’s amazing that he has such a good aim. The little gold needle breaks at a discount, and he can insert it straight into the human body. It seems that his skill is not under my master. No wonder Charming Pavilion wants to get him anyway!" Just as Mu Qingfeng was lamenting Xiao Langzhong’s superb martial arts, the voice from the door made his eyes split.
"Little beauty, you are really a fairy in the sky. Compared with you, all my concubines are as ugly as sows." This is the voice of Wang Shizi’s war reputation.
"When you let me go, didn’t you say you wanted to talk to me about grassland prisoners? I won’t let you do whatever you want until it’s done." Snow lotus’s angry shout can be heard from a long distance.
"We are talking about life events now. Why does little beauty care so much about those barbarian prisoners? Unless you are also a prairie person? Think about it, too. How can we have such a charming little lady in summer? Don’t worry, I will give those Man Zi a good time after I taste your taste. "
"You lied to me! ! You said that as long as I followed you, you would let them go. You are a big liar! Shameless person! " Snow Lotus found herself trapped and shouted loudly.
"Ha ha! ! Scold me hard, the more you scold me, the more excited I am. I will only agree to your request if I am stupid. I want your body, and I want those Man Zi heads! " Followed by a scream and the sound of clothes torn.
"beast! I want you to die "anger has completely occupied MuQingFeng head at this time, he regardless of rushed forward, want to put the despicable ling Wang Shizi pieces! !
"Be careful! !” Xiao Langzhong shouted.
MuQingFeng only feel hit by a strong, one mouthful blood spit it out. He staggered to his feet and looked up at the man like the iron tower in front.
Mu Chongshan is commanded by the guards of the Mausoleum Palace.
Regardless of the blood, Mu Qingfeng said: "What a Western Town Mausoleum, what a Mausoleum. Doing such a miserable thing in broad daylight has really boosted the prestige of our summer people! !”
Mu Chongshan naturally heard what was happening in the room, and Xue Lianer’s low voice made his eyebrows frown, but even so, he said in a mountain-like voice: "The responsibility lies, and we will not leave here lightly at the end! !”
"Ha ha, what a responsibility, dare to kill me, or I will kill you today that shit prince! !” MuQingFeng mouth blood also don’t wipe, propped up against the mu mountains.
Mu Chongshan’s face sank, and he had just been lenient, but this boy still didn’t know how to be good or bad. Although he despised the actions of the prince, he was, after all, a ling prince, and he couldn’t be injured in front of himself. Thought of here, Mu Chongshan transported five points of strength inside and patted Mu Qingfeng, trying to knock him out.
Just as his palm was about to hit Mu Qingfeng, a black ruler accurately hit Mu Chongshan’s wrist, and the acupoints were numb. Mu Chongshan took back his right hand and stared at the thin old man beside him.
"What a big shelf, mausoleum palace I XiaoMansheng to a vestige for grand marshal’s brilliant idea! !”
Xiao Langzhong said with a serious face.
Taking advantage of the opportunity of Mu Chongshan’s wrist movement, Xiao Langzhong pulled Mu Qingfeng down and whispered; "Boy, pay attention to my signal when I fight with him later. When I give the signal, you can rush in and save my little girl." After saying his word, Xiao Langzhong’s right hand shook, and he cut the hole and measured the ruler and went straight to Mu Chongshan’s forehead.
Mu Chongshan is not a vegetarian, and a recruit iron bridge escaped a fatal blow. It is hard to imagine that he is so light and burly. Looking at the opportunity, Xiao Langzhong conveniently pointed the golden needle stained with ecstasy at Mu Chongshan and tied it up. Listen to a loud drink, xiao card shark’s lily was bent, at the same time, mu chongshan a recruit with cangdingwu homeopathy, bottom-up rush xiao card shark’s chest smashed in the past. Although there is no Wujinjian Shield, the symbolic weapon of Xuanjiamen, Xiao Langzhong still knows the power of this move and quickly takes back the life ruler. Great power came from the ruler. Although Xiao Langzhong’s internal force was profound, he was shocked by such a move and went back three steps.
"Good a recruit with pale top road, what a XuanJiaMen CangShanJin! !” Xiao Langzhong dumped his arm of cutting and numbness. The life ruler is forced again. For a master like Mu Chongshan, it is obviously not enough to look at the acupoints of the life ruler, especially for the master of my family. "Since acupuncture can’t cure you, and try the old pulse! !” This time, the life ruler accurately hit the right shoulder of Mu Chongshan. Different from just now, Mu Chongyamamoto intends to rely on his in-laws to fight through it, but a strange feeling of acid and numbness strikes, which makes his body shake.
"Don’t bother, Commander Mu. My life measuring ruler is made of special magnets. With my unique strength in Wan Chungu, it is very difficult for you now." Seeing that Mu Chongshan was hit by his own grass-plucking pulse, Xiao Langzhong couldn’t help feeling complacent.
"Good skill, in that case, and try our Mu Zuchuan’s art of using saber, swimming in the snow! !” After saying his word, Mu Chongshan pulled out his waist long knife with his left hand, and a stroke of "supporting willow with the wind" was accompanied by a shining knife light to cut at Xiao Langzhong. Originally, the strength of Mu Chongshan has disappeared, but this move of Mu Jia’s knife method emphasizes gravity, and it doesn’t take much effort for snowflakes to fall on willow leaves, just follow the wind. With his body on the ground, this move was quick and hard, and Xiao Langzhong couldn’t dodge being cut off a few hairs. At the moment of landing, Mu Chongshan made another move, "Return air strikes Ping", which directly hit the footwall of Xiao Langzhong. Although it seems that the force is not great, once it is hit by this move, it is estimated that Xiao Langzhong will not have to walk on his own legs in the future. Passing 18-wheeler, I saw Xiao Langzhong in no hurry, using Wan Chungu’s lightness skill "Zanhua Gardenia", leaping high, and then measuring the ruler "exploring the sea to find dragons" directly hit the big hole behind Mu Chongshan. Mu Chongshan couldn’t escape at first sight, so he quickly used the life-saving trick of "Flocculating Snow and Ping" to "bully flowers and dominate branches", rolled in place, and put a long knife in his hand on the life ruler.
Two people each step back, xiao card shark sneer at a way; "Cang Shan Jin and Mu Jia’s knife skills are just so much, even I can’t take a sick doctor. I don’t think it’s a big deal for your mausoleum and palace."
"Each other, each other, not so-called special skyshatter horizontal practice martial arts life ruler is not down with me, acupuncture is useless, I have tasted the pulse, now it’s time to use the legendary life? Don’t let me down! " Mu Chongshan is not to be outdone.
"You are a big fool, you will know that you have played against me. Don’t look at the boy around me. !” Xiao Langzhong laughed.
Mu Chongshan was frightened to disgrace. In the process of the original dogfight, Mu Qingfeng had entered the room. At the same time, there was a loud binge drinking in the room; "Dog thief, take life! !”
military situation
(PS: I don’t ask for a reward, I just hope I can leave your footprints behind. Please leave a message about the King of the Mausoleum. )
Muqingfeng rushed into the inner room of the courtyard while they were fighting as a bee. When he entered the inner room, the scene in front of him made him angry.
Xuelianer’s limbs were tied to the bed post in a big glyph, and her big, dirty hands were wandering around her charming body, and her mouth made a disgusting sound. Most of her clothes were torn apart, her charming chest was half covered and half exposed, and her lithe and graceful posture showed no doubt. Xuelian’s mouth was stuffed with a handkerchief, and she could only make a purring sound. When she saw Muqingfeng rushing over, her eyes were full of tears.
"Dog thief, take life! !” MuQingFeng angry, fit against the war reputation in the past. Although Mu Qingfeng’s left hand has not recovered, hunting in the Woods all the year round has given him a strong body. Caught off guard, Zhan Yu was knocked upside down and rolled down from the bed.
"Which come of bastard dare to destroy grandpa’s good? ! !” The reputation of the war that came back to God shouted. When he looked up and saw Muqingfeng like a beast, he couldn’t help but be afraid.
"Come on! ! Somebody! ! There’s an assassin! Come and get the assassin! !” Zhan Yu began to shout loudly. Looking at his scurrying, Mu Qingfeng felt a little sad for Ling Wang’s war in the corner of Xinjiang. It is ironic that Tang Shizi should be scared like this by an unarmed man.
However, seeing Snow Lotus, who was dying of shame and indignation, Mu Qingfeng didn’t intend to let this beast go. He found a sword hanging on the wall, and he rushed up with a gait, holding the sword in his hand.
"Help! Killing people! Mu Chongshan, where the hell have you been? Benshizi is going to be killed! !” The reputation of the war is crying for dad and mother, but the fighting outside the door is getting more and more fierce. It seems that Mu Chongshan can’t get rid of Xiao Langzhong’s entanglement for a short time.
Mu Qingfeng stabbed at Zhan Yu mercilessly, but he was unexpectedly hid by Zhan Yu in a hurry. Zhan Yu hid behind a table and pointed his right hand at Mu Qingfeng and shouted loudly, "You bastard dare to assassinate me. When I report to the court that your family will die, you’d better stay away from me and run for your life!" It is found that Mu Qingfeng’s left hand is inconvenient to move, and Zhan Yu is hiding in a relatively safe place.
Mu Qingfeng stared at the ugly face of Zhan Yu, and the longest trick he practiced, "Dovetail Cutting Willow", came with the trend and was cut on the right hand of Zhan Yu. The broken arm was sprinkled around with blood, followed by a cry of heartbreaking fame.
"ah! ! . . Ah! ! ! My hand is broken! My hand is broken! !”