He leng leng and then followed him to the door.

But see ink was a dull face there.
Nothing is right with your face and expression.
This appearance … seems to be in what ecstasy class.
He quickly took Jiang Xue bud sleeve in the first few steps.
"What did you do with the ink …" [
Jiang Xue Bud stopped and turned to look at him. "Tell you I don’t want to pester you … don’t mess with me again."
She looked indifferent and broke his hand a little. "We lost it a long time ago. Please make sure of this."
She … doesn’t like people who pester her.
Even that person may be because of himself …
That will bore her.
Fengli Junmei frowned with anger. "What’s your attitude? Section 154: It’s lifeless.
That will bore her.
Fengli Junmei frowned with anger. "What’s your attitude?"
"Who are you?"
Jiang Xue Bud chuckled, "I don’t know who I am …"
"I’m just telling the truth. You’re such a distinguished woman now, and you’re bound to pester me?" [
Feng Li Zheng became angry from embarrassment and said, "Who is pestering you?"
"Jiang Xue Bud, are you still interested in you?"
Jiang Xue bud arms in his chest chuckled "otherwise? What do you want Mo to stop me from doing? "
Before he could react, she had turned to leave.
"Ink will return to normal in an hour. If you want to be like him, you can stop me."
With that, she took a step and left.
Phoenix glass watched her leave and didn’t recover.
She’s changed now …
It seems that every time I see her, something changes.
Even now he has become the monarch of this phoenix glass country, and she is still so disdainful to him.
This noble status is like dirt in her eyes.
He also don’t know what to stop her.
What will he do after stopping her?
I have no intention in my heart, but I don’t want her to leave.
Finally, we are in Fengli City again.
Jiang Xue Bud found a place to live first.
Then after some probing, I know that the freehand brushwork romance has been closed since she left this half year.
And the door closed overnight with a little warning.
Two months ago, something happened in Fengli City that made people feel creepy [
It’s similar to what I heard in that small town.
It is also this more than two months that many men and women have died in Fengli City.
The death is the same, like being drained of all blood.
There is no water in the body.
Now, at night, everyone closes the door tightly.
Now … Phoenix Glass City is lifeless at night.
Many things have changed. Section 1541: Selling foxes again!
Now … Phoenix Glass City is lifeless at night.
Many things have changed.
Mu’s family is no longer in Fenglicheng.
I heard that Master Mu has retired from his native place … and left Phoenix Glass City.
Phoenix glass is really the emperor of Phoenix glass country [
I heard that Feng Tianze died strangely shortly after she left.
It is said in the palace that he died of illness.
But others saw him killed by the monster.
That monster is the one that makes everyone in Fenglicheng talk about color change now.
It is said that it is a pretty fox demon.
Jiang Xue Ya went to baita lake again.
Everything remains the same here.
At Baita Lake, she once again saw someone selling foxes.
That’s a silvery white fox.
It looks neither too big nor too small.
Very much like Wan ‘er.
But she knew it wasn’t Wan ‘er.
The little fox was crouched in a cage as quiet as the sound of the silent moon.
He doesn’t seem to be afraid at all.
Just lazy lying in the cage
Eyes half open, eyes loose and lazy.
But this time there was no one to see the fox.