These stalactites have been polished very smoothly, but they have not destroyed the function of stalactites in the production of stalactites. If people go up one by one, they will be surrounded by aura like essence, which can be said to be extremely luxurious.

What impressed him most was that there were some yellow ancient books and bamboo slips scattered on these stone chairs and benches, among which jade slips were relatively few.
He picked up a jade slip at random, and after a simple look, his heart suddenly shook.
I saw the content recorded in this jade slip, which is a kind of prescription called "Daylight for Xia Dan". I heard that taking one pill can make you soar in the daytime and achieve immortality.
Seeing that his mouth is overflowing, his spirit is extremely high.
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Chapter two hundred and seventy-two Prescription
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and seventy-two Prescription
I passed a prescription called "Bai Tian Ju Xia Dan Tuo Yin", which made Yang Xiu gasp and cool. The medicinal materials used are incredibly precious.
Even if it is any kind of auxiliary material. He also suspects that even if he is extremely poor in his life, he can’t see it. They are all legendary best medicinal materials, which are rare in ten thousand years. None of them are worse than the "three-leaf single fruit" he got last time, and many of them he has never even heard of.
It seems that there is no need to expect to refine this Dan in my life.
Secretly with a sigh, put down the jade Jane. Picked up a new volume of ancient books.
There is also a kind of prescription named "Amethyst Longan Dan" recorded in ancient Chinese characters. According to the records in the book, this Dan medicine turned out to be a kind of Dan medicine taken by monks who were trained in Mahayana. See Yang Xiu suddenly tongue unceasingly.
Although the material used in it is not as precious as "holding the Xia Dan in the daytime", it is not much different. For him, it is all out of reach.
Therefore, although I am excited, I am also full of regrets. After all, for him, the practical value of this folk prescription is limited, so it is better to give him a piece of folk prescription in Yuan infant period.
With a strange mood, I scanned all the scrolls on these stone chairs and benches, and the color of surprise never stopped, so that I became numb later.
What he has recorded in these ancient scrolls and jade slips are all the elixirs that have all effects on anti-emptiness, Mahayana and Du Jie, or some refining techniques, all of which are legendary.
Now, in the realm of repairing truth, except for a few pounds like the first door. The top school passed down from ancient times. It would be nice for the rest of the sects to come up with one of these things.
Therefore, he saw it with his eyes wide open, and his mind couldn’t digest it for a while, so he became addicted and gained knowledge.
Moreover, these things are not all useless, regardless of the ready-made prescriptions and refining methods. There are one or two volumes of ancient books that specifically record the principles of alchemy and refining. On the contrary, it is several times more precious than the real prescription.
For example, in an ancient scroll, what kind of medicinal materials are recorded specifically, how to match what kind of medicinal materials, what effect is the refined Dan medicine, how to reconcile Yin and Yang, how to match the five elements, and so on.
Even if he hasn’t refined Dan before, he can see how valuable it is.
With this operation, even if you don’t know a medicinal material, as long as you can distinguish its attributes. Knowing whether it is yin or yang, whether it is cold or hot, etc., you can refine the corresponding Dan medicine accordingly. How can this make people not excited?
There is also a jade slip, which records something called "General Outline of Refiners", which records the classification of magic weapons in different categories. The principle of producing the corresponding magical power, what kind of materials should be used to achieve this requirement, and so on. From then on, if he wants to refine the device. You don’t have to be limited to getting the corresponding drawings of a magic weapon as before, so that you can forge a magic weapon.
But as long as he wants to forge the magic weapon of the avatar, he can forge it according to the corresponding principles recorded in the jade slips (of course, to reach this level, he must reach the corresponding level of refining). How do you say that it is not exciting?
Yang Xiu hesitated for a moment, then immediately reacted and hurriedly put these things into the hands of Gan Kun.
Of course, he didn’t let go of the prescriptions of the anti-imaginary period, the Mahayana period and the Du Jie period. Although it’s unnecessary now, it doesn’t take up space, that is, it’s a matter of convenience.
Although he doesn’t know whether he can reach this height in this life, after all, the whole monk world is now. The highest existence, but also on the late fit for.
If you want to achieve anti-emptiness, Mahayana and even Du Jie. For everyone, it’s just a distant dream. A dream hanging on a tightrope,
Everyone longs for the dream to come true, but often they fall on this road, with no bones left.
Yang Xiu saw that these stone chairs and benches polished with natural stalactites were strange in shape, shining and so full of aura, so he also wanted to put them in the hands of Gan Kun.
But no matter how hard he tries, these stalactites are as ingrained as ever, and they don’t move.
He didn’t dare to push too hard, or use Bora to shovel. Obviously, there is a strong ban on cars in this cave, so he dare not mess around.
And if these stalactites can’t be removed completely, they can’t produce aura. So even if it is removed, it doesn’t make much sense.
Based on the above reasons, he finally gave up the plan.
Shortly after he put these things into Gankun’s hand, his heart suddenly moved and he saw the location of the hole. A figure flashed in, and the ghost king appeared in the cave slightly embarrassed.
At the moment, the scales on its body were cut by the outside Gangfeng.
However, its scales are not covered. After that evolution with "Yin Lingjing", it has become strong and abnormal, so it has not caused much damage.
I saw it handed to Yang Xiu only the storage bag, which was completely filled with all kinds of muti collected outside this mountain. There were more than 1,000 strains, and the aura content of each strain had been on for tens of thousands of years.
If you put it outside, it is a treasure that will be earned by others.
But now Yang Xiu doesn’t have time to look closely, and it’s all in the hands of Gankun.
Because he heard the voice of the ghost king again: "There is a special passage underground, in which the ghost has been identified and there is no danger."
Yang Xiu looked at the direction of the channel, and immediately went in without hesitation.
This passage is not long. After a dozen steps, it turns a corner, and then enters a downward tunnel for nearly 100 feet. A small white jade space appears at the end of the passage.
Stepping into the white jade space, Yang Xiu only felt that he was in a faint fog. There was some tidal feeling in the air, and there was still some warmth, accompanied by an unspeakable fragrance, which made his whole spirit feel refreshed and his gods became extraordinarily empty.
He looked at everything in the space in astonishment. Your mouth can’t help but open wide, and you can’t get together for a long time.
I saw a milky white pool nearly 100 feet away in front. It occupies nearly half of the space, and the white mist and fragrance are scattered from this pool.
But what shocked him even more was the wall around the white jade space, which was a mural like a jungle of mountains and rivers. These portraits were lifelike, just like living, and to his surprise, he had a familiar feeling.
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Chapter two hundred and seventy-three Murals
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and seventy-three Murals
See here is a huge mountainside stone room, about two hundred feet in size, forty or fifty meters high. On the right, there is an ordinary stone gate.
Only Shimenkou was covered by a yellow light. I couldn’t see the situation clearly, and the ghost king didn’t go in to find out because he was worried about the danger inside.
Yang Xiu stepped forward and walked to the white jade space, on the edge of the baizhang wide pool.
I saw that there were obviously traces of artificial carving in this pool.
In the center of the whole pool, two faucets carved from white jade stand in relief.
The relief of the faucet is lifelike and the posture is fierce. The whole body was covered with palm-sized white scales. There are a pair of crystal clear and round leaning angles on the head. Thicker than thighs, just showing two heads on the water. A pair of two dragons playing with pearls.
And under the faucet, three or four feet away, there is a lotus flower the size of a washbasin with six flowers.
The lotus flower is red gold, and its petals, like metal, not only shine brightly, but also look extremely hard, which makes people wonder if it is just three sculptures.
However, the rich aroma from it clearly tells others that this is a real lotus flower.
Just Gexiu couldn’t recognize what kind it was.