When Ling Tianyang’s demon-addicted knife split into the wind, all the people stopped their fight from the view, stared at everything in sight with wide eyes, grew up speechless, and Yunxi was in a hurry with tears flowing downwards, looking straight at Tianjun in wait for a while, stupefied.

Chapter two hundred and five Disappear
Seeing that the demon-obsessed knife was about to split behind the heavenly king, Yunxi suddenly woke up and shouted, "Tianjun!"
Purple kernel is also worried about looking at the wind, cold sweat on her face, as if she were there, and only this snow jiaqi Bo still looks at each other with cold eyes as if it had nothing to do with it, and there is no intention of making moves.
Ah ah ah! A few heart-rending screams rang out, and before they even had time to react, they saw Ling Tian fall rapidly to the rear like a broken kite.
It seems that the despicable Tianjun for Ling Tian has long taken it to heart. Just because of this, Tianjun almost died, so he left a mind’s eye when he turned around, always guarding against Ling Tian behind him.
At the moment when Ling Tianyang started, Tianjun got the message, and immediately cast a foot directly on Ling Tian’s head. Although Ling Tian was unfortunately easily solved by Tianjun, Ling Tian’s magic-addicted knife did not stagnate because of this, and he was still castrated and chopped hard in the past.
Tianjun, armed with a panlong sword, retreated rapidly, constantly resisting the invasion of the magic sword. The magic knife seems to be aware of the master’s anger, but the attack is more sharp. The sword is deadlocked, and a biting cold ice gas attacks. Tianjun is a tingle, and he can’t help dying. If Ling Tian’s strength is similar to his own, he will attack with a magic knife, and I’m afraid he is really not so easy to get away with it.
Resisting the attack of the demon-addicted sword, Tianjun began to feel a little hard, and he couldn’t help getting angry slightly. Ling Tian could solve it. Can this unowned sword handle resist me?
Gathering the spiritual force of the elixir, the golden light and the spirit of the fairy immediately resisted the invasion of the black magic gas. Tianjun turned over and shook, holding the Panlong sword and severely confronted the magic knife.
The violent metal crash sounded constantly. In a blink of an eye, Yi Ran had hit tens of thousands of times. The magic knife failed to resist the crazy attack of Tianjun after all, and it fell down. But Tianjun was also uncomfortable, and he suddenly retreated back. Just as he was about to stabilize his tired body, he suddenly felt an unparalleled attraction behind him and dragged himself in.
"Tianjun!" When they saw that Tianjun had successfully defeated Ling Tian and knocked down the magic knife, they just breathed a sigh of relief. At the moment of putting down their hearts, they saw that Tianjun, who was originally safe, had disappeared, and they couldn’t help wondering. Xuanji and Yunxi called out with a loud voice, fearing that Tianjun would have any accident.
Seeing that Tianjun actually disappeared out of thin air, Jin Xun, who was originally more resentful of Tianjun, was also confused. A person who stayed alive actually disappeared out of thin air.
However, Jin Xun has found some comfort. After all, it’s better to disappear than to be in sight. If something happens, it may fall, so it’s worth rejoicing. After all, in this dragon land where anything can happen, Rao is a heavenly king with high strength, but it is still possible to fall.
During this period of time, Tianjun’s performance has made people sit up and take notice, and Jin Xun’s hatred is also increasing day by day, just because everyone, including Zi Ren, has turned to Tianjun, and Jin Xun is not good at expressing his dissatisfaction, just echoing.
Seeing that Tianjun easily took Ling Tian’s all-out blow and defeated Ling Tian with a magic knife in his hand, the brother who came to reinforce Ling Tian had to sit up and take notice of Tianjun, and his strength was completely beyond his expectations.
No one knows better than Ling Tian, who has a magic knife. One knife cut out the python, or that knife almost killed the strange soul of the famous dragon mirror, but Tianjun could easily take over Ling Tian’s magic knife without any difficulty. I have to say that Tianjun’s strength at this time is by no means beyond his own resistance, but it has reached an unpredictable state of ghosts and gods.
"Elder, where did Tianjun go? How could it disappear out of thin air? " Yunxi walked beside the snow jiaqi and asked in a low voice, but he couldn’t hide the worry between words. Zi Ren and others looked at the snow jiaqi in a hurry, expecting him to give a satisfactory answer. After all, relative to this group of people, he is an encyclopedia and knows everything.
"It’s fate, it’s fate. You don’t have to worry. You just have to wait here. Everything will work out eventually." Snow jiaqi firm didn’t hit the nail on the head, secretive said.
Wind spirit curious to observe carefully, but found nothing, no trace of Tianjun disappeared.
Seeing that it was impossible to find Tianjun at that time, Zi Ren, who was very angry, immediately split the soul and his party with his bare hands, which was quite desperate.
Seeing Zi Ren rushing over, Tianshun grabbed Zi Ren helplessly and said angrily, "This brother, Tianshun took my life as a guarantee. Your younger brother never died in the hands of our party. Don’t be framed by a traitor. For the sake of being a friend of the savior, I won’t care too much about you today. You’d better go back."
After the soul of heaven said this, Zi Ren was somewhat awake. He thought that the soul of heaven should also be a middleman in the right way, and he might not lie to himself.
Then Zi Ren shot at Ling Tian’s brother with red eyes. A tingle struck him. The man immediately stood up, tried his best to argue and embellished, and said, "This brother, I’m in Han Jian. Do you believe this crooked words?"
Han Jian’s words, Zi Ren’s blood swelled, and he was carried away. He clenched his fists and looked at the sky again, like a statue of killing God.
"The feud will come to light one day, but I tell you, you are no match for me." The soul of heaven simply doesn’t bother to debate. The master has his own dignity and can’t tolerate anyone’s slander.
"Just admit that he is no match for you, so let’s all come together and see who is the ultimate winner." Han Jian simply set fire to the situation, trying to arouse the public’s anger, annihilate the soul in one fell swoop, and lynching. This is the result he wants.
"Well, it’s insidious enough, and it’s worthy of being a person with nothing. Today, my soul took it, so you all let go." The soul of heaven said heroically, but he didn’t put everyone in the eye, but his heart was even more contemptuous of the pseudo-gentleman who was empty.
"Have backbone, be a Han." Snow Kirin nodded and appreciated the soul of heaven.
"Sister, do we want to intervene?" Yunxi couldn’t make up his mind and asked about Xuan Ji. After all, these people are really connected with each other.
Xuanji’s mouth twitched slightly, and when he was about to say something, he saw a long-haired man pouncing on him, holding a bow with a destructive smell in his hand but without a sword. As soon as he arrived, he said in a low voice, "Han Jian, Ling Tian, just abandon me and even kill my younger brother Xiao Meng. Today I want you to be nothing!"

Chapter two hundred and six Falling to the sea