Lei Xiao Shinto Chu Yifeng? "Asked the clouds smiling just powerful suppressed ChuYiFeng.

"Idle clouds?" Chu Yifeng raised his head and looked at the clouds, but the clouds in the air needed Chu Yifeng to look up, so he was a little uncomfortable. He insisted that Zhenyuan still flew into the air and looked up at the clouds under the oppression of the clouds.
However, the promotion of body orientation did not make Chu Yifeng’s momentum still suppressed by idle clouds with the promotion, and his character aroused the interest of idle clouds, which inevitably aggravated the oppression of Chu Yifeng.
Chu Yifeng was shaking in the air, but he soon saw the fluctuation disturbed by idle clouds in this space, and his real fluctuation also changed. Although it was difficult, he stood firmly in front of idle clouds.
The idle cloud was slightly surprised but still kept a indifferent smile and asked, "Are you going to find Qiba?"
"You have a good relationship with Qiba?"
"Better than you."
"oh! You don’t have to use him to crush me. He can’t crush me. " Said the clouds, but put the momentum back.
ChuYifeng feel thin body can freely activities, but the words of idle clouds let his heart uneasy took out a gourmet xianjian in his hand, another hand dark buckle a blood Lei Jing wary of staring at the idle clouds.
"You don’t have to be afraid. I’m not here to kill you. If I want to kill you, no matter what you do, I can’t stop it. " Idle clouds threaten Chu Yifeng with soothing belts.
"Hoo!" Chu Yifeng breathed a sigh of relief slightly, knowing that the words of the clouds were very correct, but still holding the fairy sword in his hand, the words of the clouds and the jiaqi bully could not be believed. If Chu Yifeng could not be beaten, he was ready to repair himself for escape.
"I mean no harm, but I just want to ask you a few things. Don’t do anything unwise." Clouds seem to see Chu Yifeng’s mind but remind him.
Chu Yifeng didn’t move because his mind was seen through. But some don’t understand why the idle clouds are so polite to themselves.
Idle clouds frowned slightly, looked at the distance and said to Chu Yifeng, "Come with me."
Chu Yifeng wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but thinking about the idle clouds’ previous attitude really didn’t look like it was going against him, so he got the nerve to follow up.
The two of them just flew in from the place where the clouds were watching. A group of people were all ancient practitioners. Because one person turned out to be Yu Zhong rescued by Chu Yifeng on the fox Jupiter in the demon domain.
Chu Yifeng followed the idle clouds and didn’t go far. Suddenly, flowers came to a manor with an unusually rich fairy spirit, which was even richer than the aura in the heaven and earth opened by Chu Yifeng. You know, Chu Yifeng’s heaven and earth has ten best spar release arrays.
Such a rich aura breeds exotic flowers and plants everywhere, and many rare birds and animals. Colorful auspicious clouds floating in the air swept away. Actually, it is also a cloud formed by reiki. The whole space seems to be floating in the clouds.
What makes Chu Yifeng even more frightened is that. Not far away, a palace was completely carved from spar, without a trace of architecture and splicing. It was a whole. Chu Yifeng believes that in this manor. Even if you sleep, you can keep growing.
Idle clouds calmly sat in front of a stone table with glittering and translucent fairy fruits that Chu Yifeng had never seen before scattered with bursts of fragrance.
"What is this place?" Although Chu Yifeng was surprised, he didn’t let his guard down. But he didn’t know how he got here.
"This is a mansion I refined in Yunjian Mansion."
Chu Yifeng couldn’t help but open his mouth but didn’t say a word.
"Don’t feel incredible. This refining method may be great to others, but it shouldn’t have such an expression for the descendants of Lei Xiao Shinto."
"What do you mean?"
"I have seen the space opened up by Lei Xiao Shinto. Although I don’t know if you have successfully opened up such a space now, it will be opened up sooner or later, which is much better than my broken manor."
Chu Yifeng heard that he was very familiar with Lei Xiao Shinto, and he had seen the space opened by Lei Xiao Shinto. Although I don’t know which predecessor opened it, people who can enter it are either caught or close friends who are caught are unlikely to escape, so the idle clouds should have a very good relationship with the descendants of a certain generation of Lei Xiao Shinto.
"These are all things of the previous generation, and you don’t know." Idle clouds grabbed a fairy fruit and threw it to Chu Yifeng. "I only ask what you know."
"hmm." Chu Yifeng took the fairy fruit and nodded slightly. "Anyway, it’s no use going to this place to resist. Just talk to the idle clouds and maybe you’ll get the soul bead."
Idle clouds asked Chu Yifeng to sit down and asked, "Why do you want to help Qi Ba? He also helped him guard the city and ruined it. "
"I want to arrest me for guarding the city."
"Because of this? The people in the lower watch city are no match for you. You can ignore them completely. "
Reason. "
"What’s the reason?"
"Watching the city has something I need, or you have something I need here. I have no ability to find you myself, and Qiba has the same purpose as me, so I must cooperate with him."
"What is it?"
"Delimit the armor of God."
"But I heard that you have a part that delimits the armor of God, that is, the boot that I sealed in the fix-true world."
"What I need is the soul-fixing beads on the boundary armor. I am useless to the ordinary boundary armor."
"What do you want to set the soul bead? If you want to open up space to delimit the armor of God, it will be enough for you. "
"save people!" Chu Yifeng took a breath and told the story of Feng Wanying simply. Finally, he explained the reason why it was necessary to settle the soul bead.
"I see. If you had told me, I would have considered lending it to you."
"It’s a pity that I didn’t know you at that time and Han Qi had ordered me to be arrested. He is your representative in the lower world. I will naturally think that you are trying to arrest me." Anyway, letting go of Chu Yifeng is not afraid to offend the clouds. "I think it’s clear that the reason is naturally for the boots that delimit the armor in my hand."
"At that time, I didn’t know that the boots were in your hand and you were a descendant of Lei Xiao Shinto."
"Is Lei Xiao Shinto special?"
Idle clouds looked at Chu Yifeng’s silver eyes funny, as if to see Chu Yifeng’s soul for a while before saying, "Lei Xiao Shinto is really special."
Although this sentence is simple, it makes a stir in Chu Yifeng’s heart. It must be very special to say such a thing from the mouth of idle clouds, and he doesn’t look at the descendants of Lei Xiao Shinto who said this sentence on his own cultivation. Only his own brother is already a ghost in the ghost town, but the rest of Lei Xiao Shinto’s predecessors have all flown to the divine world.
The news revealed in the words of idle clouds made Chu Yifeng more courageous.
"Do you still want to cooperate with Qiba?" Clouds looked at ChuYiFeng expression smiled softly.
Chu Yifeng didn’t answer, but said, "I need a soul bead."
"If I told you that even if Qi Ba got the soul bead, he wouldn’t give it to you. Would you still cooperate with him?"
"Things are not there yet." In fact, Chu Yifeng also thought of it, but he must cooperate with jiaqi bully, at least before seeing the clouds. He can only overthrow the clouds with the help of jiaqi bully, and it is also possible to borrow the soul beads.
"Come on, I’ll show you something." Clouds didn’t go on, got up and walked to the hall carved with spar.
ChuYifeng unknown so but still slowly follow up.
"I have the soul bead in my hand. Even though I have an old relationship with Lei Xiao Shinto, I can’t make up my mind to lend it to you now." As they walked along, the clouds said without looking back.